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MEX Chacala Point Break - Surfing

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Lat: 21.187689
Lng: -105.228699

Marker owner: dnorris

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Marker Description: From Puerto Vallarta, head North on 200 until you see signs for Chacala. Make a left into this small fishing village and head to the boat docks. The fishermen there will be happy to take you by boat to the break for a fee. You can also drive North from Puerto Vallarta to Costa Azul Adventure Resort and pay to go on the morning surf trip. It's about a 40 minute drive North of Costa Azul, and it's best accessed by boat because there's nothing on the rock-littered beach.

Swell size starts working at Less than 1m / 3ft and holds up to 2.5m+ / 8ft+

Best tide position: All tides

- Urchins
- Rocks

Additional Information

This is a VERY fun left! We surfed it for a few days in May in the chest to 2' overhead range. The take off was pretty mellow, and the wave would allow you to get a few nice, long turns in before coming into the racy inside section. Be sure to kick out before getting too far inside, or you'll be doing the rock dance and picking urchins out of your body for sure. We also had an incident with a needlefish the last day we surfed there. My wife was duckdiving and a 3' needlefish was swimming through the wave at the same time, and its needle nose jammed into her arm and broke off about 3". We had to get the boat back and rush her to the hospital, so be cautious if you see these guys swimming out there even though they are harmless!

We had a great time at this spot. It can get a little "over-populated" at times, but there are a few different places that you can take off from. When it's on, you can pick off the wave from the point and take it all the way to the inside. If there are a lot of people out on the point, you can also sit a little more on the inside because there are a lot of waves that make it through unridden. The atmosphere is unreal! There's no beach population in this area, so it's just you and the beautiful nature that surrounds this break. There is a little beach area where you can sit and relax if you get surfed out. It's also a great place to store your cooler for a lunch break, etc! If you're in the area, this break is a must!

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