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TZA Oldoinyo Lengai - Mt. climbing

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Lat: -2.764049
Lng: 35.913017

Marker owner: keith.chapman

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TZA Oldoinyo Lengai
Marker Description: Oldoinyo Lengai is the world's only active volcano that produce natrocabonatite lava, which emerges at relatively cool temperatures. The climb itself is challenging and takes the better part of a night (it's too hot to climb in direct sun). Views from the summit and crater are other worldly, particularly when the volcano is rumbling and belching ash (the most recent major eruption happened in Spring 2008). The summit provides a tremendous spot from which to watch the sun rise over East Africa.

Oldoinyo Lengai is Maasai for "Mountain of God." It featured in the climax of the movie Tomb Raider II (2003).

Visitor Comments

More 2006 photos Posted by keith.chapman Thu. August 27, 2009 10:20 pm
This shows some of the activity over the course of a couple years. The crater is now radically different following the 2008 eruption.
more photos

Re: Oldoinyo Lengai Posted by keith.chapman Wed. August 26, 2009 03:42 pm
Here is a photo from the summit, looking down on the volcanically active crater.
more photos

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