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NJ Clinton WMA, Lot No. 5 - Hunting

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Lat: 40.659870
Lng: -74.945831

Marker owner: dnorris

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NJ Clinton WMA, Lot No. 5
Marker Description: GAME: Pheasant, rabbit, squirrel, woodcock, grouse and deer.

The NJDFW stocks the good ole chinese chix heavily in these fields across from this lot, sometimes it is a bit of an orange civil war - especially on weekends, but good bang bang fun. For the entire Clinton WMA, the State stocks 500 birds on opening day and Thanxgiving and 180 birds on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

PARKING: In lot along the main road, at marker placement, can't miss the cars and hunters, when in season. There are many other pull off parking areas around the entire reservoir.

Visitor Comments

Re: NJ Clinton WMA, Lot No. 5 Posted by dnorris Thu. October 23, 2014 01:22 am
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Re: NJ Clinton WMA, Lot No. 5 Posted by dnorris Sat. November 09, 2013 02:28 pm
Opening day today not too many hunters, also seems like a lot less hunters with good dogs, so not too much shooting
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Re: NJ Clinton WMA, Lot No. 5 Posted by dnorris Sat. December 17, 2011 07:39 pm
Hunted the last pheasant stocking day with my Dad and dog, Jake. We saw a hen in a tree next to the road walked past it and up to the first main field. We saw a rooster walk down a path into the woods and kept walking up to the upper fields near the woods. A nice rooster flushed as we walked up. We got in position a few minutes before opening gun and many others formed the orange line. At sunrise a guy blasted at a rooster in a tree and missed. The bird flew in the other direction from my Dad and I. As we walked up, perhaps the rooster we had flushed earlier was put up by another guy's dog and dropped. A hen flew to me from the end of the hedge row, likley flushed by someone in another field - missed first shot clean and then knocked her down with no running. We walked up and back along the hedgerows and worked the wooded area along the upper fields with no luck. That was it at this spot but we got a rooster at the next lot down about 30 yards from the lot after some breakfast. Great last day out with my Dad and little man house dog supreme.
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Re: NJ Clinton WMA, Lot No. 5 Posted by dnorris Thu. November 24, 2011 01:33 pm
Thanksgiving morning and the smell of gun powder in the morning. A great tradition but none of the family here this year. Only me and my house dog Jake. We did not kick up a bird and it was not heavily stocked. I did have one giant cock bird silhouetted against the sky at the end of the first field I walked through. I decided against taking a stationary high house. A little agitation as I came close then the giant took flight - slow - two shots - more flying and some more shooting a field away. Uhh.... it was a really big tree, the bird was way up there? Another hunter walking up on the other side of the field had taken two stationary high houses and he looked at me like - smooth move clown. That guy shot one bird and it got stuck in the tree so I could be shooting the same look back... ha ... that pheasant was the size of a turkey a real big bird (target)... a lot of birds in the trees - good to see a strong roosting instinct in these birds maybe the huge number that got away at Rockport will help with a true population coming back in that area.
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Re: NJ Clinton WMA, Lot No. 5 Posted by dnorris Sun. November 13, 2011 02:41 pm
There was a good number of hunters and birds out despite the escape of the birds at Rockport. The fields were cut - last year the fields were very thick. Also the wet snow pushed down a lot of the thickets and did some natural clearing of its own. There were not as many birds out as normal and the cut fields made the birds much easier to find. All in all a good amount of action.

I Knocked down a hen that flew over a field right towards me. Also, my little jack russel mut put up a cock bird that I missed. Damn. Good times, also thanks to two nice guys in the lot for the hard boiled egg and jump start of my car!
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Re: Clinton Pheasant Hunting Posted by dnorris Fri. November 12, 2010 02:30 am
Veteran's Day from the rice patties of Vietnam to the mountains of Afghanistan... I hunted with my Dad and we put up one rooster - up and down. We didn't put anything else up.

There was a lot of shooting from other groups.
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Re: Clinton Pheasant Hunting Posted by dnorris Tue. November 09, 2010 02:40 pm
Hunted this morning and there were 10 or so cars in the the lot. There were a good number of birds about and a group with some dogs had a lot of action. I didn't kick up any birds myself or with my dog. Another group kicked up a bird and I spotted where it landed and walked right up on the spot and the rooster got up at my feet. I fired quick without putting the gun up to my shoulder firmly and jammed my gun and of course missed the shot as the rooster took off in slow motion. My dog had a bunch of deer ticks crawling all over him and I decided to bail early - one up none down.
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Re: Clinton Pheasant Hunting Posted by dnorris Sat. November 06, 2010 04:29 pm
Hunted opening day from this lot and walked the fields. The paths were cut through the fields but the fields were pretty thick. All in all it is good cover and there were about 30 cars in the lot. Pheasant were not flying everywhere but my Dad and I each got a hen bird and a rooster with only four birds up and four down. Pretty great day for us, we normally don't have that much luck. I missed one hen but my Dad made a great second shot after my gun jammed and we tracked it down in the thick brush. Our dog wasn't much use for finding birds but he had fun.

Not too many dogs and a lot of birds left. The lot was down to ten cars when we left at 10 o'clock. Good stuff!!
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Re: Clinton Pheasant Hunting Posted by Brownie Thu. December 24, 2009 06:39 am
Hunted the early morning, kicked up one hen bird and missed it.
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Re: Clinton Pheasant Hunting Posted by Brownie Tue. November 10, 2009 08:54 pm
Kicked up a woodcock today with my Dad, in an upper field. Didn't get my gun off my shoulder. Neither of us did. Didn't flush any pheasants but saw a number of other hunters put up birds.
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Re: Clinton Pheasant Hunting Posted by dnorris Sat. November 07, 2009 11:36 pm
Went out today for opening day of pheasant season with my Dad. Before we walked out, we saw two cock birds at the road next to the parking lot, which is always a good sign. As we walked out before 8:00 a grandfather and his grandson were chasing a hen and two cock birds down a grassy cut lane and then one cock bird flew into the woods. That wouldn't stand, so the grandfather notched both birds in the stationary low house position as a few people grumbled that it was a few minutes before eight. Good ole' opening day shenanigans, but no worries, good for gramps, except for the ground shooting. Once the bell rang, we worked that same field with no luck and looped into the woods after the cock bird. When moving through some thick briars a hen got up and my Dad had a shot and missed and the bird hung low and landed on the run. I was not quick enough on the draw to get a shot off. We pushed through to a stand of pines and then through to the edge of the field again and my Dad kicked up another hen which angled around towards me and I took two shots and missed - I didn't see the bird right away and my shots were going away - I have to rationalize my misses. Then we walked back through the same field over ground we had covered already and another hen got up right at our feet and my Dad made a great shot as the bird flew directly to his right angling over his shoulder. It was great to see. We then pushed through a hedge and into the area with three fields side by side. When we made it to the far edge, another hunter kicked up a cock bird on the other side of the hedgerow and missed the bird and it flew right over me and I shot it. We then walked down both of the hedgerows and kicked up a hen and then a cock, both of which we could have had easy ground shots but when they flushed they were up ahead and we missed them. So we went 2 for 6, but we each got a bird and saw each other's shots, which was fun. All around a great day with lots of birds out. Not bad for no dog. There were birds all over the place and considerable shooting.

One more story: One big cock bird, two fields away from us, got up to a hail of gun shots and flew very high in the sky and after all the firing stopped, the bird was still ascending but then it faltered and died in the sky. It had a tremendous fall, breaking off a large branch on the way down - shattered - soup bird. Hope you liked the stories.
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Re: Clinton Pheasant Hunting Posted by dnorris Tue. November 03, 2009 11:37 pm
See attached map of Clinton WMA.
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