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CAN Anticosti Island - Hunting

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Lat: 49.410973
Lng: -62.600098

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Marker Description: Anticosti Island, owned by the Province of Quebec, is located in the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence River, east of Quebec City, and west of Newfoundland. It is approximately 140 miles long by 35 miles wide. Most hunters fly to Anticosti via Montreal and Mont Jolie, a small town on the Gaspe Peninsula.

Plentiful deer on the island where deer were brought by the famous chocalatier - it is a magical place where you will see a lot of deer but where the deer are a little on the small side - both bodies and racks. It doesn't make it any less awesome. You'll get a tag for two deer and you can take two bucks. The success rate is in around 80%.

Access: Hunting is managed by three concessions owned or under contract with the Canadian government. The largest of group is Sepaq Anticosti, http://www.sepaq.com/sa/en/ or call 1-800-463-0863.

The deer season runs from August until mid December. Mid-November during the rut or during the last days of the season December are the best. At the end of the season the deer migrate out of the snow down to the shore.

Once you arrive in Mont Jolie, either by car or by plane from Montreal, you’ll depart via Inuit Airlines the following morning. The fifty minute flight is part of the cost of the hunt which will range from approximately $1,000 Canadian to $5,000 Canadian, depending on the number of days 2 to 6 and whether you chose to do a self-guided, self-serviced (buy and cook your own food, bring your own sleeping bag) or elect to stay at a number of camps (lodges) - rustic or big time.

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