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CA Sandstone Peak Loop Trial - Hiking

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Lat: 34.111237
Lng: -118.926743

Marker owner: dnorris

Average user rating for this marker: 4

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CA Sandstone Peak Loop Trial
Marker Description: There is a nice loop trail to the craggy peaks, including Sandstone Peak - the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The trail is a point to point from the parking are until the loop trail on the backside of the peaks, but you can make side trips to summit each peak; including Sandstone Peak which is the highest peak of the Santa Monica Mountains. After the initial ascent, the trail is relatively level as you are basically taking a ridge line loop.

You can actually see the trail on the Google API map except for the last portion of the loop that links with the original ascent/decent trail back to the parking area.

Parking: At marker.

Visitor Comments

Re: Sandstone Peak Loop Trial Posted by dnorris Wed. December 23, 2009 05:32 pm
Attached photos.
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