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AZ Arizona Hot Springs - Hiking

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Lat: 35.960220
Lng: -114.726059

Marker owner: dnorris

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AZ Arizona Hot Springs
Marker Description: Arizona Hot Springs can be accessed from a hike down from above or from a boat - a short 6 minute hike through the slot canyon, up a ladder to the sand bagged off four foot murky hot spring hole.

The hot spring is 90 plus degrees and a relaxing spot. It wasn't too crowded when we were there. It would be a great spot to camp below to sit in the slot canyon at night. One hiker told us she wa there when a desert ram jumped across the slot canyon while she was looking up at the night sky. Awesome.

This spring is at mile marker 60 and there is a nice beach and port o' johns to mark the spot from the Colorado River. Hike up to the left through the slot canyon. Not a very difficult hike but it is slippery in spots.

Visitor Comments

Re: AZ Arizona Hot Springs Posted by dnorris Sat. January 21, 2012 05:57 pm
Photo of the hot spring.
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Re: AZ Arizona Hot Springs Posted by dnorris Thu. December 01, 2011 12:48 am
Great short hike from the river up the slot canyon, up a well secured ladder and up to the sand bagged in hot springs. A kind hiker has trekked up sandbags to dam up the hot springs to make the area truly great. Apparently people move the dam at different times of the year to make the temp just right. This was the first true natural/uncommercialized hot springs that I have been in and it is worth the trip if you are in Vegas - only an hour away. The water was hot - like a hot tub and very relaxing. We have photos of the hot spring spot itself but I have to get them from another in our group.
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