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CA Arroyo Sequit Grotto Tail - Hiking

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Lat: 34.109852
Lng: -118.937332

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CA Arroyo Sequit Grotto Tail
Marker Description: The Grotto Trail in the Santa Montaca Mountains National Recreation Area along the West Fork of the Arroyo Sequit Creek is a 3.4 mile easy point to point hike that takes about one and half hours to complete.

This is a trail you want to hike in April or March after a big rain storm to see the waterfalls as the trail passes over and along the West Fork of the Arroyo Sequit Creek. It can be quite spectacular when you catch it at the right time. If you want to make sure the waterfalls are in it would be best to call the Circle X Ranger Station at (310) 457-6408. The Grotto at the end of the trail is where a natural spring comes out of a mini-cave and is thought to have influenced Hugh Heffner to create the more famous Grotto at the Play Boy Mansion. Even if there isn't water in the Arroyo Sequit, there will be water in the spring fed Grotto. Around the Grotto there are a number of boulders for scrambling and working good hand holds. So you have a dry scramble destination at normal times and a waterfall trip when the water is in.

To give you a brief idea of how the trail goes - you will be descending slowly - a total of about 500 feet to the Grotto and then hike back up - so it is a down up job; a few feet lower than the trail head there is a large drop that may or may not be a waterfall then you curve along the side of the mountain along the stream or streambed and into a meadow. You cross through the meadow and down to the boulder field and Grotto.

Parking: You park at the Circle X Ranch Ranger Station directly off Yerba Buena Road (YBR). If you get car sick, brace yourself for the windy trip up from the PCH along YBR to the Circle X Ranch Ranger Station. Once there you walk along a dirt road behind the station and down to a camping area and the trail head of the Grotto Trail.

Misc.: Dogs are allowed.

Note: There are some cool craggy peaks above you when you pull into Circle X Ranch and the largest is Sandstone Peak - the highest summit in the Santa Monica Mountains at 3,111 feet.

Visitor Comments

Re: Arroyo Sequit Grotto Tail Posted by Xray Wed. December 23, 2009 03:39 pm
Hiked today and thought that we would have waterfalls because it has rained a lot recently, but it was nearly bone dry. We made it to the first drop that would be a waterfall and then to the meadow but turned back before the Grotto. We thought there would be no water in the Grotto but as it turns out a Ranger told us there is always water at the Grotto because it is spring fed. Ha.
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