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NY W Branch Delaware Sands Creek - Fishing

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Lat: 41.954765
Lng: -75.296516

Marker owner: Xray

Average user rating for this marker: 4.33

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NY W Branch Delaware Sands Creek
Marker Description: This long pool, at its head waters, has a stream, Sands Creek, that comes in from the left hand side as your coming down river. The tail end of the pool is excellent. Huge trout! If on foot, there is parking off West Main and you can walk along Sands Creek under the railroad trestle to the "Sands Creek" pool.

BORDER WATER REGULATIONS APPLY! This section of the West Branch is not closed to all trout fishing between October 15 through April 11th because it shares a border between NY and PA. The entire stretch down to junction pool is fishable as catch and release during this time frame. Quite an excellent and long stretch of water. Reports that the West Branch cannot be fished after October 15 are quite an exaggeration.

Visitor Comments

Re: NY W Branch Delaware Sands Creek Posted by kennypowers Thu. April 19, 2012 01:52 am
Fishing was slow in the morning some bait clowns caught a couple nice trout. After a vodka and weed lunch the hatches started at 2:00. Hendricksons, tan caddis, black caddis, and blue quills were covering the water and it looked liked large burnt weed floating in the bong water like everywhere... FLAWLESS The water started to bubble in the bong with risers left and right, caught 22, 18 & bunch of small fries. Even Stevie caught fish.

Re: West Delaware: Sands Creek Pool Posted by dnorris Wed. August 12, 2009 02:24 am
Walked up Sands Creek under the tressel, had a small trout on and missed it. Caught one rainbow where the Sands Creek comes into the West Branch. No other strikes didn't make it down to the tail end of the pool - had to go.
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