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WA Tokul Creek - Fishing

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Lat: 47.552086
Lng: -121.842667

Marker owner: dnorris

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WA Tokul Creek
Marker Description: Winter Steelhead; Tokul Creek goes like hell between the fishing boundary and the stream’s confluence with the Snoqualmie River, with nothing that really looks like holding water familiar to most steelheaders. The fast water also makes for tricky fishing conditions, let alone landing a big hatchery buck. Its often a matter of setting the hook and running downstream in attempt to keep up with the fish. Several hundred fish will be caught in the next few months, so if your in the area give it a try.

Visitor Comments

Re: WA Tokul Creek Posted by dnorris Tue. January 12, 2016 02:18 am
No chance to fish b/c my two year old made it too difficult, the Tokul flow was mellow, saw a few guys fishing, the hatchery is closed to the public, pics of the Snowsquame, which looked green and awesome, saw no action though. In the main pic the fisherman is fishing where the Tokul flows into the SnowS. You can see how little the flow was. Lots of parking areas along the SnowS and fishermen were sprinkled about.
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