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CAN Sutton River, Ontario - Fishing

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Lat: 53.793350
Lng: -87.850800

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CAN Sutton River, Ontario
Marker Description: Lake Hawley is the starting point for an 84 mile canoe journey to Hudson's Bay over shallow, gin-clear water filled with 3-5 pound brook trout in swarms. Unique limestone water with fish that feed in the Bay, then return to spawn in the river, creates the best brook trout fishing in the world. Canoe journey at least a week. Fly and spinning.

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Re: CAN Sutton River, Ontario Posted by dnorris Mon. October 20, 2014 10:09 pm
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Re: CAN Sutton River, Ontario Posted by dnorris Mon. October 20, 2014 09:03 pm
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Re: CAN Sutton River, Ontario Posted by dnorris Fri. June 22, 2012 06:21 pm
If the idea of floating 100 miles, unarmed through polar bear country without a guide to plot your course, break camp or cook for you, sounds like fun, I've got just the trip for you, especially if you like to catch big brookies and lots of them. It's a float trip down the Sutton River in northern Ontario. I took this trip recently and on my best day caught 78 trout, averaging two to 4 1/2 pounds. On my second best day I caught and released more than 50 trout. The worst days of the six day float saw a dozen or two brookies come to the net.
This trip is run by George Martin (*) and his sons, Jeff and Wayne, of Forde Lake Air Service (*) in Hearst, Ontario. The trip starts at their base lake near Hearst, where one of the Martins will fly you in by Beaver to Hawley Lake, a three to four hour trip. You will be dropped off at the headwaters of the Sutton with canoes, paddles, tents, camping gear and fuel. You can either bring your own food or the outfitter will provide it. You will need to bring your own sleeping bags, clothing for weather from freezing to 90 degrees, and fishing tackle. I recommend a four to five weight rod for dry fly fishing and a six to seven weight for wet flies, nymphs and streamers. And don't forget to bring plenty of insect repellent. The bugs are not bad, but there are enough of them that you do need repellent.

Once you take off, you are on your own for the next six days and 100 miles of river until you reach the mouth at Hudson Bay. You can do a lot of drifting and fishing, but some of the day should be devoted to paddling to make sure you reach the take out point on time. The Sutton has produced brookies over nine pounds, but two to five pounders are the average.
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Re: CAN Sutton River, Ontario Posted by dnorris Fri. June 22, 2012 11:21 am

For more information, fill in the form below to send an email, you can also call toll free 888-588-2470 or 705-997-2282.Rates for 2012

Prices from $3200.00 for a 4 night 5 day guided trip, $3700.00 7 night, 8 day guided trip. Trips start From Pickle Lake or Hearst.

Fly north to the canadian sub-arctic and spent a week of fly fishing for brook and sea-run trout on the Sutton River, the Sutton River is considered to be one Canada's premier brook trout rivers and is truly a magnificent river with an abundance of brook trout and sea-run trout. Every year starting about the middle of July the sea trout migrate from Hudson Bay up the Sutton River to prepare for the fall spawn, with a combination of native brook trout and sea-trout is what make these fly fishing trips fun and exciting. The action-pack trips are guided by the locals who fish and hunt in the area and have first-hand knowledge of the river. Space is limited for these fly fishing adventures, book now for your prefer time slot.
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Re: Sutton River: World's biggest and most Brook Trout Posted by dnorris Sat. August 22, 2009 09:18 pm
Bring insect repellent and gear. Watch out for polar bears at the end of the journey.
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