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NJ Stony Brook, Brookdale Rd - Fishing

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Lat: 40.634212
Lng: -74.461510

Marker owner: dnorris

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NJ Stony Brook, Brookdale Rd
Marker Description: Stony brook was reported to me as a wild trout stream and a large trout run in October allegedly from Watchung Lake. I heard from a person who has the brook in his back yard. The alleged trout must be suckers because I saw no trout and only minnows in this stream. Although there are some nice holes, some four feet deep, there is really very little water in this stream. From what I saw I will not go back to check for trout at another time. I also fished the other nameless stream that branches to the left when walking up from Watchung Lake. That nameless stream did not even have minnows in any quantity. It was a real disappointment.


Scouting for trout can be annoying. I will never listen to a dead eyed moron again. Good ole Mario the "Dead Eye" cornered dog Laranjeiro. A real stupid man.

Visitor Comments

Re: Stony Brook Posted by dnorris Sun. November 21, 2010 05:31 pm
Fished yesterday and the water level was very low. I had heard that the stream is rather large and although there is evidence of a good high water mark the flow this time of year is very low. Also a bit of green cloud like algae on rocks, the water was very clear. Many minnows but no trout I could see. I do not believe this is a native trout stream. I will not return.

Also, my photo is not a good representation of this stream, this was one of the wider, very shallow areas.
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