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MEX Cancun, Kukulkan - Fishing

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Lat: 21.093470
Lng: -86.771179

Marker owner: dnorris

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MEX Cancun, Kukulkan
Marker Description: If you're going to Cancun, check out the CancunDivingAdventures.com charter because the crew was great and were cool even though I was booting the whole time. Also, they went after the sailfish and didn't jerk around trying to catch other fish. They took us the 22 miles out, also they caught fresh live baitfish with hand lines. 31 foot boat 6 person max - there were just two of us, me and my girlfriend Melissa. Charter out of Marina Barracuda across the street from the Ritz Carlton Hotel. CDA has been easy to deal with and the main guy - Jon is very nice and helpful, he can be reached at 866-840-7179. He sent the map to show me the distance from my hotel to the marina, see the map photo attached to my comment below.

I looked around on the net for a charter and most are over $600 and higher - this trip is $550 for beer equipment and licenses for our own boat for 6 hours and the guarantee that we will go the distance for sailfish or marlin - the exact address is km 14.1 in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Check in at 6:40a.m.

We caught a sailfish, 83 inches, just shy of 7 feet, we also caught two bonita and a yellow jack/amberjack/jackcaribou there was a bit of a language barrier and I'm not very knowledgeable about deep sea fish. Anyway I got one real nice leap out of the sailfish, and a little surface work when it was close to the boat, I released it, unharmed I think, we kept the other eating fish for the crew.

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Re: CancunDivingAdventures.com Posted by dnorris Sat. March 19, 2011 04:25 pm
Landed the sailfish early on and had one other trailing but couldn't get it to strike. The amberjack also gave Melissa a great fight. Check out pics of crew hand lining for bait and hooking the bait fish with copper wire to get the right action. We had three rods out, two with outriggers and one the captain used by hand from the top deck, the captain actually got the sailfish to strike, I would have liked to man a road from start to finish, instead of being handed the rod like a child, but I was totally ill the whole time and in no position to try to assert myself to work a rod.

As far as how we got there, we went through the bay and then through a small mangrove area and then out past Isle Majeures, once we got past Isle Majeures the surf really got rough, there must be a major shelf there because there was a huge difference with the waves. At that location the crew fished for bait by hand and caught drum and some small Jack for the live well. Then we went out the twenty two miles to the sailfish area.
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