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NY South Sandy Creek - Fishing

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Lat: 43.715565
Lng: -76.168640

Marker owner: dnorris

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Marker Description: South Sandy Creek is located a few miles north of Little Sandy. Access to the creek is best found by using Route 3(Seaway Trail) and turning onto Route 121(south side of creek) or South Landing Road(north side). From here you can take these roads to the town of Ellisburg. There is access along South Landing Road(designated access point) before reaching Ellisburg. Ellisburg provides access along Route 193 with roads above Ellisburg such as Monitor and Jocalyn Roads also offering access.

South Sandy Creek is larger then Little Sandy averaging approximately 50-60 feet across in most areas. The creek is run with salmon, steelhead, and domestic strain rainbows. The upper end of the creek from just below Ellisburg up to Monitor Road is made up mostly of slate. Below Ellisburg at the designated access along South Landing Road the creek is mostly gravel and small stones. This area is also closer to the lake and can provide some excellent fishing. Monitor and Jocalyn Roads can provide excellent angling since the fish stack up in here when the water is high. When the water recedes the fish will drop back out down to the gravel and eventually back into the lake when the water gets too low. This is many anglers favorite of the three Sandy Creeks.

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