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PA Short Run Creek, SR940 - Fishing

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Lat: 41.112129
Lng: -75.439186

Marker owner: dnorris

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PA Short Run Creek, SR940
Marker Description: On my way back from the Poconos, I stopped at Short Run Creek off SR940 and Short Run Lane. From driving along SR940 I thought the stream was larger than it turned out to be once I had parked and picked up my rod. The water was crystal clear and there was a nice riffle where it came out from under SR940, so I decided to take a few casts even though the stream is only four feet across.

I fished with a yellow and pink trout magnet with 2 pound test and had a nice little six inch brookie on on the first cast in the riffle just downstream of SR940 and missed it. Next cast went through some branches and I let the trout magnet drift from the branch and hooked a 10 inch beautiful little native brook trout. I lifted it up into the small tree and it unhooked itself before I could get a photo. So I thought it would be gangbusters as I headed downstream to an area that looked nice behind some homes. Unfortunately, there were no holes and the flats were shallow as well as the riffles. I went downstream for a hundred yards looped back on Short Run Lane and crossed over SR940 to fish upstream.

Upstream turned out to be a nightmare b/c the footing was icy and the water shallow. I broke through the icy top crust of the snow into some water side overflow and caught not one.

Might be good to explore downstream a ways given that there are trout about for sure. See my photos - none of which are of the trout unfortunately.

Parking on Short Run Lane.

Visitor Comments

Re: PA Short Run Creek, SR940 Posted by dnorris Fri. April 20, 2012 07:12 pm
Stream almost dry, poor little natives.
more photos

Re: Short Run Creek, SR940 Posted by dnorris Sun. March 06, 2011 01:18 am
Fished with a trout magnet on this very small stream with excellent water quality but very little water deep enough to hold trout. Would be worth exploring downstream to see if there are any good holes. Had two small brook trout on. Definitely native trout water. Only fished for half an hour.
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