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NM San Juan River, Lunker Alley - Fishing

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Lat: 36.819332
Lng: -107.632034

Marker owner: rannorris

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Marker Description: The San Juan River is a tail race fishery It is a trout nirvana created by the constant 43 to 45 degree water temperature. Barbless flies and lures permitted and one fish over 20 inches may be taken. The first 3 1/2 miles below the dam are the considered the quality water trout water and there are approximately 80,000 trout in this stretch. The San Juan is one of the 10 best trout fisheries in the US.

The San Juan River begins from the depths of Navajo Lake in northwest New Mexico. Big trout are everywhere in this river and anglers can routinely catch trout that are over twenty inches or larger. The fish in this river grow an average of an inch a month due to an abundance of aquatic insects ranging from the well-known San Juan worm (orange yarn tied on a hook - the San Juan worm fly) to midges (there is a hatch almost every day), black flies, baetis, mayflies, caddis flies, and scuds.

The optimum flow to look for is 500 to 750 cfs.

Lunker Alley:
This area begins at the end of the lower flats and narrows significantly. It is a very long and deep run. Big trout can be seen all over. Red or orange San Juan worms, red or orange annelids and chocolate emergers work well.

Getting here: From Albuquerque travel US 550 off I-25 north. This road takes you to Bloomfield, New Mexico. Go east to Farmington Highway East to Navajo Lake State Park.

The orange San Juan worm is a the fly named for the river.

Visitor Comments

Re: NM San Juan River, Lunker Alley Posted by dnorris Tue. October 21, 2014 01:01 am

Re: lunker alley Posted by rannorris Sat. August 22, 2009 02:11 am
Biggest rainbow I ever saw (36 inches?) swirled at the head of this pool; beautiful clean alive water; wade across upstream at the flats and fish down on the north side of the river--less fishermen--great fishing all year.

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