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NJ Rockaway Creek, Mill Road - Fishing

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Lat: 40.625320
Lng: -74.756470

Marker owner: dnorris

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NJ Rockaway Creek, Mill Road
Marker Description: This section of the Rockaway Creek is a trout stocked section. The Rockaway has made its descent from the mountain at this point and is rather flat. There are some good pools but it is fished by the put and take crowd so it has that problem. I fished with my Dad and we each caught one trout. His was a stockie with warped fins but mine was likely a holdover or native. I did not see the little natives darting about in this section so the water quality has deteriorated.

Still a good place to fish. A meat fishing couple had four trout in a bucket to show for an afternoon of fishing just up from the bridge. Not bad for June in NJ, a same they need to kill all but can't blame the table fisherman.

Visitor Comments

Re: Rockaway Creek Mill Road Stretch Posted by dnorris Thu. October 21, 2010 04:49 pm
Tip on fall stockies from another site about the Rockaway:

fished the rockaway again the other day. came across a pool that had about a dozen fish in it. first tried a spinner- couple of follows but nothing. then out came the worms- couple of lookers but no takers. i could see the fish holding in the current and openning there mouths every so often, i figured they were eating nymphs and such. i had some small hooks so i tied one on and drifted the plane hook in the water. bam- fish on, nice rainbow, them another rainbow, then a nice brookie. kept the bigger 2 fish which were the 1st rainbow and the brookie. after all the commotion the rest of the fish were spooked and could not hook another one. i just want to make sure people don't think i snagged these fish as i was right above the pool and could actually see the fish attach the bare hook, and that all fish were hooked in the mouth. i have never caught a trout on a bare hook before so i thought it was very interesting thing to come across.
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Re: Rockaway Creek Mill Road Stretch Posted by dnorris Sun. June 13, 2010 03:18 pm
Attached photos.
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