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NJ Rockaway Creek, Bissell Rd - Fishing

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Lat: 40.669010
Lng: -74.779877

Marker owner: dnorris

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NJ Rockaway Creek, Bissell Rd
Marker Description: The Rockaway Creek is one of the best trout streams in New Jersey. It has a stone bottom and large boulders. The number of trout per mile is extremely high. There are trout, mainly native browns in every small pool and riffle.

The major set back to fishing this stretch of the Rockaway Creek is that there are posted no fishing signs at almost every section of the river. Therefore, you can only fish off the bridges. However, just fishing off the bridges can be amazing. This is why fishermen must get behind a New Jersey Stream Access law.

That being said there are some sections without posted signs and there is a nice section that is part of a preserve where the Rockaway meets Oldwick Road. See the map for that publicly accessible section.

Visitor Comments

Re: Rockaway Creek Bissell Road Bridge Posted by dnorris Mon. May 24, 2010 08:34 pm
This section of the Rockaway Creek has several bridges as Rockaway Road cris crosses the Creek. I fished the intersection bridge of Rockaway Creek and Bissell Road and the bridges above and below within a few hundred yards in either direction. I caught four nice native browns on a yellow dotted panther martin. Fish were striking in riffles and in any pool I could access from standing on one of the bridges.

I also could not resist and fished a pool with a huge boulder in front of two homes near the stream and landed a fifteen inch native brown with beautiful buttery yellow sides. The pool was eight or ten feet deep. It was truly sweet fishing. It sucks to fish and feel like a criminal but...

Property owners have the area heavily signed so I could only fish from the bridges - except for that one killer pool with the boulder:) I was very surprised at how aggressive the fish were. It was truly amazing action. I saw about twenty trout follow and strike at my lure. There is only so much you can do from a bridge but this is one of the best trout streams I've ever fished in New Jersey.

2010 DLN 94 trout
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