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VA Rappahannock River, I-95 - Fishing

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Lat: 38.324219
Lng: -77.515968

Marker owner: Xray

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VA Rappahannock River, I-95
Marker Description: Rappahannock is a good small mouth bass spot near the I95 bridge stretches upstream from the I-95 bridge for approximately 2 miles. If you were to go farther, you would round the bend into the stretch that leads to Motts Run.

Following the trail a mile upstream from its start in the Fall Hill road, you come a broad parking area that is the entry point to fish the I-95 bridge and the section downstream. If you walk across the parking lot, you discover that the trail merges with a road that leads to the abandoned quarry. That quarry is posted and is off-limits although it is used for scuba training. Just to the right of the quarry, the trail picks up again and follows the river upstream for almost 2 miles.

I entered the river where the canal joins the river. This is a section of shallow water with deep cuts. The first thing you notice as you walk out from the shoreline is that the rocks here are not jagged and tall; rather flat and moderate. There are enough of them to create a series of narrow runs that feed into moderate size pools of varying depth. I was to discover later that you can't ignore any of these cuts no matter what the size as they may hold bass sheltered under hidden ledges. Moving downstream, the river changes character and transitions into a broad lake with a sandy bottom dotted with islands of tall vegetation grasping upward to the surface only to change again as the river pours into a deep, broad channel that leads all the way to the I-95 bridge.

It wasn't until I moved to hundred yards downstream from the entry point that the smallies turned on. You really can't ignore any of the water in this section! When I looked around to discover the reason for this, it became apparent that this was where the river became bigger; there was more riffled water as it funneled into a single channel as well as being deeper and more protected.

Below this area, the river forms the lake with the deep section being next to the Fredericksburg side on river right, where there is great structure and shade near the shoreline.

Closer to the bridge, the river changes character again and the bottom becomes very sandy but that negative is offset by the positive of thick vegetation beds lining the banks and periodically appearing in the middle. Plenty of panfish and smallies hang out in these areas. Below the break, the river forms an extended S curve that leads all the way to the bridge. If you use spin gear, this is the place to target. The bottom is clean of vegetation and has a few rocks to provide structure.

Getting There: Take exit 130B from I95 to Rt 3 west. Take your first right turn on Bragg Road. Follow it until you see the Sheetz station. Turn right on Fall Hill Ave and follow it to the bottom of the hill. Park on the right once you cross the canal

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