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NJ Pohatcong Creek, Rte 173 - Fishing

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Lat: 40.660957
Lng: -75.113266

Marker owner: dnorris

Average user rating for this marker: 5

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NJ Pohatcong Creek, Rte 173
Marker Description: The Pohatcong Creek up from Rte 173 is a very beautiful stretch. The pool right under the arched bridge is a good deep slow pool.

If you head downstream there is some nice fast water but I did not have any luck except in the tail end of the bridge pool.

If you head upstream there are a series of great pools leading to a very deep natural cut pool below the church - a very steep bank with nice rock formations along the left. Up from there, many of the pools appear handmade. Definitely the best looking water I've scene on the Pohatcong. The Creek goes away from any roads for a long while until it meets back up with South Main. This stretch is holdover heaven but does have a flat stretch that is worth hiking past until you see the holes.

You can park in the church parking lot and walk down to the Creek.

Visitor Comments

Re: Pohatcong Creek Rte 173 Posted by dnorris Sat. May 28, 2011 03:20 am
Water was chocolate milk today my g-friend caught two nice browns on a No. 2 Mepps, I caught one little guy on a gold trout magnet, got out fished.
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Re: Pohatcong Creek Rte 173 Posted by dnorris Sat. May 07, 2011 06:22 pm
Fished today in the middle of the day with sun high on the water and caught six: brown, brookies and one rainbow 16", which gave a great fight. Would have thought it was much bigger had it gotten off - kept only the big one. See pic.

So, this stretch is gorgeous and the water just looks fantastic which the small pebbles of gold leading into the deeper, greener black rocks. I had many follows under the bridge and downstream (some nice fast water) and a few strikes then headed upstream. I found an ATV trail on the left hand side as you walk up. I had no action until about a half mile upstream, there is one pool that looks so good you can't miss it. That is where the action started I missed at least ten in that hole. Caught the big bow first on a No. 1 Mepps and then hit brookies mainly on the Mepps but a few on a gold trout magnet. The next manmade rock dam had many fish above and below and I had a lot of follows and slashes.

This is the type of stream where the fish swirl and flash around the lure and follow it to your feet. The stream has more flow than I remembered and very deep in spots; this is midsize water but with all the rain it feels like big water at times. Now that I found this ATV trail to get back to the good water faster I will explore even higher up. There are no houses close to the water until you get to that last hand made rock dam I spoke of. Also, some of the brook trout appeared to be holdovers with large fins and no deformations but the colors weren't that brilliant - not sure if they were holdovers - but I only kept the one and the trout are stacked up back there. I rate this one with 5 stars.
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Re: Pohatcong Creek Tre 173 Posted by dnorris Fri. April 30, 2010 01:37 am
Fished today with my girlfriend with dries, small nymphs and beadheads, caught one, my girlfriend tried all sorts of metal, despite how good the water looked we had no other action. Deep water with good riffles. We will be back.
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