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NJ Pequest River, Belvidere Dam - Fishing

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Lat: 40.829346
Lng: -75.078400

Marker owner: Brownie

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NJ Pequest River, Belvidere Dam
Marker Description: Lots of trout under this dam, the NJDF&W stocks in town heavily and the trout can't get over this dam. The trout that are stocked are also very large both directly below this dam and in the slow deep stretch above it behind the laundromat and also directly above and below the next dam downstream. But thefish locked between the dams all run up under this dam (where the marker is placed) as the season progresses. It is not uncommon to see a few people with a twenty plus trout on their stringer on a stocking day.

Also, this is the home of the legendary preteen fishing club known in Warren County as the simply "The Fishing Club" - they would exchange their catch with a local Chinese food restaurant for steamed dumplings. These members are all grows up now but sometimes they reconvene on the River. Look for the white trench coats:)

Visitor Comments

Re: NJ Pequest River, Belvidere Dam Posted by Xray Wed. April 17, 2013 09:47 pm
Fished the nice drift under the underhang on the diner side of the dam and caught three rainbows and one brookie all on a pink trout magnet.

Re: NJ Pequest River, Belvidere Dam Posted by dnorris Sat. April 07, 2012 04:59 pm
Fished above at the start then waded up under the bridge to avoid the lines from off the bridge and from above. Missed one little one and caught one little one from under the ledge of the restaurant. had a good drift and hooked into a good breeder not sure how big because it broke off. Also fished from the bridge off the back and down, where I had another breeder on drifting a pink trout magnet. Next cast a guy with a spinner caught it and bashed its head on a rock... so it goes.

People were doing well off the bridge but not like above the dam. Both shorelines were sick non stop catching.
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Re: Pequest River Belvidere Posted by dnorris Thu. October 14, 2010 04:45 pm
After stopping in to do some bizness in Belvidere, I peered off the bridge and walked over behind the landramat above the bridge and saw a number of big trout. No one was fishing. Will be great fishing in a week or so when the fish get acclimated. Yo!!!!
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Re: Pequest River Belvidere Posted by dnorris Sun. May 23, 2010 02:44 pm
Fished today with a small black wooly bugger bead head. Caught four trout under the dam in the center of town - the exact spot that is shown on the marker description page. There were a lot of fish hugging the wall below the bar. A few trout then a few beers.

No one else was there. All stockies.

2010 DLN 90 trout
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Re: Pequest River Belvidere Posted by dnorris Wed. October 07, 2009 07:49 pm
Caught one small brookie. Lots of trout left over from the first day of fall stocking but the fish weren't biting.
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Re: Pequest River Belvidere Posted by Brownie Wed. October 07, 2009 07:45 pm
First day of fall stocking was today. I got to the river around 5:00 p.m. and there were only two other fishermen there. I went down to the lower dam and walked across the railroad tressel to see if I could see any trout. Didn't see any. A fisherman there said that a lot of trout had been caught in the morning including a 28" Brown. I walked up under the second dam and saw a few small trout. Then fished above the dam and had a 16" brookie on but it fought so lazy that it sort of just floated up to the surface and lulled itself off my hook - I was using a panther martin. I saw a number of big trout above the dam in the center of town.
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Re: Pequest River Belvidere Posted by Brownie Mon. August 24, 2009 04:11 pm
Nice brown trout for August in the middle of the day! With all the rain the river is high and brown but the fish are plentiful.
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