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NJ Paulins Kill, Rte 46 - Fishing

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Lat: 40.922504
Lng: -75.088142

Marker owner: Brownie

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NJ Paulins Kill, Rte 46
Marker Description: The Paulins Kill below the Columbia Lake Dam is a deep swift moving area. The small stretch from the dam to the Delaware River is well stocked with trout. The water flow from the left of the dam across a cement divider creates an interesting drift. There is also a series of islands after the dam before it drops off and gets very deep.

Shad pile up in May.

Mink can be trapped in the lower Paulinskill below the Columbia dam.

Visitor Comments

Re: Paulins Kill near Delaware River Posted by Xray Sun. May 16, 2010 10:27 pm
Fished underneath the Columbia Lake dam and downstream a bit. This final Paulinskill stretch has a greenish hue, perhaps due to algae buildup in Columbia Lake. The water was low and not going over the cement wall separating the north and south sides of the dam.

I was fishing for carp but saw some nice carp and a large school of shad. I had one 25 inch shad which hit on a No. 2 Silver Mepps. The shad gave me a lackadasical fight and was slowly rolling. I though that I might not have pierced the fishes mouth because the hook just slipped out after I brough the fish to my feet. I talked to my cousin and he informed me that shad have weak mouths so I probably pulled the hook out of the fishes mouth. Whatever, I'm not much of a shad fisherman.

There was a dad with his sons bow fishing and they shot a shad. Check out the pics.

Also, as for trout, I saw a number of trout rising and I threw dries and small nymphs with no luck. The action was mainly on the north side of the dam where the water pours through the lock as opposed to the southern side where the water spills over the top of the dam. It looks to be very deep on the north side. There was a mother and daughter fishing with worms on north side and casting under the tunnel and they caught a bunch of panfish and a few trout.
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Re: Paulins Kill Junction Delaware R Posted by Brownie Sat. March 06, 2010 09:33 pm
Fished today, threw some spinners around. Beautiful day but no action. I met a trapper who caught three minks in snare traps. See pics.
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