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MD Patapsco River, Daniel's Dam - Fishing

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Lat: 39.314911
Lng: -76.816254

Marker owner: Xray

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MD Patapsco River, Daniel's Dam
Marker Description: The Patapsco, other than the black bass catch and release section just downstream of Daniel's Dam, is a put and take fishery.

There is a well maintained walking/biking path along the river. The water near the dam runs through an industrial area, where the water is deep and runs to over 5 feet in spots. Downstream, it shallows up with as many shallow runs as deeper sections.

In general terms, the north side of the river is the deep side. Since the banks are really high and steep, you have to find a place to get into the riverbed and work your way across. Once on the southern side, you can hit the opposite bank easily. There are overhanging trees in many places, but not enough to make casting a challenge. This is good beginner water and will be forgiving regarding sloppy backcasts.

Getting There: Take Route 29 to the end. Turn right on Route 99 and follow that to Daniels Road. Route 99 is actually Old Frederick Road. Be sure and stay on that after the traffic circle. Daniels Road is a bit confusing as it leads to an industrial area. Just keep going and it will eventually dump you into the parking area at the Dam. I parked down by the industrial area below the dam, walked directly to the river and found a spot to cross to get to the nice trail.

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Re: Patapsco River Daniel's Dam Posted by Xray Fri. February 05, 2010 04:48 am
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