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NJ Passaic River @ Pond Hill Rd - Fishing

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Lat: 40.677944
Lng: -74.527824

Marker owner: audisnapr

Average user rating for this marker: 3.5

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NJ Passaic River @ Pond Hill Rd
Marker Description: Upper Passaic River, great scenic location, including the massive train bridge just south of the marker. Water was a weird rust color, but flowed well and good volume - I had really high hopes as I climbed my way down the hill from where I parked just north of the railroad tracks.

The action around this marker was very high - I couldn't keep the fish off my spinners, unfortunately they weren't exactly keepers. I think I caught three or four different species of fish, sans the trout. I had a good day even though I managed to lose 4 or 5 different lures.

Visitor Comments

Re: NJ Passaic River @ Pond Hill Rd Posted by kennypowers Tue. October 22, 2013 01:43 am
Nice mix of fish, I checked out your photos and the (Striped bass?) is definitely a large mouth bass and the (small mouth) is I think a crappie, not sure if it is a white crappie or a black crappie, it looks similar to a rock bass but it isn't a rock bass because they have a red ring around the eye. Anyway, the fish all look real healthy. Whatever, nice skillz, yo! I've heard the Green Pond Road area is good but you should try upstream at the locations of the other markers, especially right under and just above Rte 287 - sick yo, sick - especially for trout.

Re: Passaic @ Pond HIll Rd Posted by audisnapr Tue. October 22, 2013 01:24 am
Attached photos.
more photos

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