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PA W. Branch Delaware, Balls Eddy Access - Fishing

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Lat: 41.969254
Lng: -75.334221

Marker owner: dnorris

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PA W. Branch Delaware, Balls Eddy Access
Marker Description: The West Branch of the Delaware at Balls Eddy is one of the famous pools on the West Branch for trout fishing. Besides the lower Shehawken Access, Balls Eddy is the first Pennsylvania pubic access point. The Balls Eddy Access is a boat launch/parking/fishing location w/ a Johnny on the Spot bathroom facility.

The Balls Eddy pool, located right at the access point, is known to be loaded with trout. At the head of the pool there is a nice riffle and slight turn and then a very deep cut on the far bank - NY side. Balls Eddy is a West Branch classic.

Above Balls Eddy there is a big, long, slow, bending pool.

Visitor Comments

Re: PA W. Branch Delaware, Balls Eddy Access Posted by dnorris Sun. September 02, 2012 04:21 pm
Here is a photo of the spent shot gun shells floating by, I only got a few in the frame.
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Re: PA W. Branch Delaware, Balls Eddy Access Posted by dnorris Sun. September 02, 2012 03:45 pm
Began fishing at about 7:30 AM with my Dad. There were quite a few guys lined up along the Pensy side of Balls Eddy up to the head of the pool. Surprisingly they were all bait fishing with garden worms and wax worms. We saw only one guy land a trout The recent release murked up the water and there was a lot of algae chunks floating down in the water. I had thought that we would roll in and it would be game on with monster trout but it wasn't happening. Before I knew it the fog burned off and the sun was beating down.

No trout but I Dad caught two walleyes on rapalas, one being a nice 16 incher.

I fished hard with a PT and midge dropper with no luck, not so much as a strike. The water was really moving with the recent release.

We saw three guys in a canoe blast some Canadaian Geese in the large pool above Balls Eddy, it was opening day for geese in PA. All the geese were in the stationary low house position when the guns blazed. The shots rang out pretty loud in the W Branch Canyon and then six or seven shot gun shells floated by - I hadn't seen shells float by like that before it was actually rather cool. Might be a nice way to send candles out on a lake, the shot gun shell casings managed to settle and balance surprisingly well in the water.
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