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PA W. Branch Delaw., State Game Lands Parking Area 1 - Fishing

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Lat: 41.983524
Lng: -75.343086

Marker owner: dnorris

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PA W. Branch Delaw., State Game Lands Parking Area 1
Marker Description: This parking area provides public access to the West Branch of the Delaware. There is a road through state game lands and a well defined path to the RIver.

The path winds to the pool with the island. On the NY side of the island there is a nice riffle leading to the tail end of the run, where there is a large boulder on the NY bank. This run is cut deep and moves well long past the island. The NY side is a deep excellent run. One of the excellent West Branch spots.

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Re: PA W. Branch Delaw., State Game Lands Parking Area 1 Posted by dnorris Sun. September 02, 2012 04:57 pm
Fished from the first State Game Parking Area after starting the morning at Balls Eddy. There was still a little of that early morning haze but the fog had pretty much burned completely off by the time we got to this location. The walk in was well defined and well maintained. We cut through a well worn path onto the pool with the island with no one in sight. My dad cut below the island and I headed around the top of the island to the New York side. The PA side of the pool is very shallow.

The riffle on the NY side starts shallow and gets very deep by the boulder. I was fishing with a light green beadhead with no action. When I made it just down from the boulder where it seems to be 8 feet or so I thought I had my first hit but I wasn't sure. I had just adjusted by strike indactor to almost 6 feet from the bead to my indicator in and attempt to try and get the nymph down deep in the fast current. On my next cast the indicator jerked fast and I had a solid fish on.

I had the fish on for only maybe 45 seconds and was getting the solid feel of the fish, a short drag scream and somewhat near the surface I saw a large flash, which I knew to be a trout and then a snap. The large trout, what seemed to me to be well over 20 inches, had snapped by 3x tippet below where it had been attached to my 5x but not near the knot for the nymph.

It was the fish of the day for me and the one that got away. 3x on the W, Branch was not a good call especially seeing as the water was murky and the tippet didn't make a difference in getting the strike, Anyway... that will bring me back.

My Dad had no luck either, we met another hardcore fly guy and he hadn't had any luck on PTs and midges - he had been there since early morning.
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