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PA Tulpehocken, Tail Race - Fishing

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Lat: 40.370270
Lng: -76.024963

Marker owner: dnorris

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PA Tulpehocken, Tail Race
Marker Description: Tulpehocken Creek aka "the Tully" is tailrace trout water near Reading, Pennsylvania. The Tully has shale bottom sections and some instream rock ledges at points that make for good pockets but all in all the Tully is rather slow moving, flat and ugly. In the late 70s a dam was built on the Tulpehocken Creek and Blue Marsh Lake was created. The dam releases keep the Tully cold throughout the summer.

Plum Creek joins the Tully just below Rebers Bridge which is a good spot to try at the junction as well as up in the Plum for natives. The Cacoosing Creek joins the Tully near the junction of Tulpehocken Road and Paper Mill Road and adds a burst of cold water - a better place to fish than the Tully but a very small creek.

Caddis, mayflies, sulphurs, Light Cahills, Yellow Drakes, Cream Drakes, Caenis, Blue Winged Olive, Tricos and midges.

The tailwater downstream for 3.8 miles has special regs and manmade deflectors and a "water works" section below with riffles and long flat glides - see main photo. With all that said not really all that great IMO.

Visitor Comments

Re: PA Tulpehocken, Tail Race Posted by Brownie Thu. March 12, 2015 02:05 am
Fished last weekend and was not impressed. A lot of fishermen and didn't see one fish caught. Locals seemed to work the two streams that were coming in below the dam at Rebers Bridge and the other one down below. Those must be the spots. But as dnorris said overall flat and not enough life.

Re: PA Tulpehocken, Tail Race Posted by dnorris Fri. March 30, 2012 01:48 am
Fished the Tully this past Saturday and caught a few on black snow shoe midges and black herl midges. Fished the area below the dam which was ugly and the three man-made "V"s didn't create nice holes. I also hit the next two stream merges and moved down past the red covered bridge to the park. The park has some really nice looking water and some natural rock shelves interspersed with the TU boulder work. This spot was actually really nice. Below that section a dam really slows the Tully up and creates a lame flat section with no riffles. The water was not what I expected, a little too flat in most places, fewer riffles than expected, not as big as expected and just not fishy enough for me despite an abundance of stockers. Caught one lousy sucker and thought I had a nice brown for a bit.
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