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PA Monocacy Creek Lower Main Street Bethlehem - Fishing

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Lat: 40.618580
Lng: -75.383171

Marker owner: Brownie

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PA Monocacy Creek Lower Main Street Bethlehem
Marker Description: Browns come up from the Lehigh in the fall. Big browns.

Visitor Comments

Re: PA Monocacy Creek Lower Main Street Bethlehem Posted by dnorris Tue. November 25, 2014 03:20 am
Fishing the other day with my Dad and I was surprised how dead the Creek looked. The water was clear and low. There was no vegetation. It is late in the season but I thought the Creek would look more alive. Anyway, I was drifting an egg pattern with a pheasant tail dropper with no love. My Dad tossed some spinners with no luck. It was cold, probably not the best time to scout this section and we didn't scout enough. But we didn'd see any of the big browns I heard of at this time of year.

After my Dad headed home, I got back in the car and headed up Conestoga Street and pulled over at the last pull off before the end of Conestoga just to see if I could spot anything in the water. I got out and saw a school of suckers and was looking for trout hanging in the school. I saw a light colored fish that I though might be a trout, when the school got spooked and I clearly saw a trout about 16 as well as a few smaller trout skidder about. I got my fly road out of the car and took a few casts from the embankment but the fish were already on notice. So with all that I said above, there are trout here, classic wrong time and wrong way - casting from the road. If you like that city post-industrial trout fishing, like I do, this is a good one, I will def be back. Next time I will be all geared up and take my time and do it right.
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