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PA Greenwalk Creek - Fishing

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Lat: 40.845177
Lng: -75.225403

Marker owner: dnorris

Average user rating for this marker: 5

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PA Greenwalk Creek
Marker Description: Greenwalk Creek is an ice cold little stream with a lot of trout in it. Unfortunately, for a good hundred yards or so upstream from the bridge, the creek splits into many smaller rivulets so it is hard to find a good enough pocket or pool to support a fish of any size. However, up above there seem to be some dams and potential good pools leading up to the hatchery. Good water to explore given the escapee stockies and natives darting about.

Visitor Comments

Re: PA Greenwalk Creek Posted by dnorris Sat. June 23, 2012 06:37 pm
Fished the pool under the bridge from above through the "tunnel". I caught a really nice sized rainbow that was a holdover down from the hatchery or a native with real nice colors and big fins. I also saw a few nice follows from brook trout. I was fishing with a yellow trout magent and a PT dropper. When I walked upstream the stream split into many smaller streams but I didn't walk upstream too far. The water looks even better than the Waltz, water moss, watercress and that fast bubbling water with stone and sand bottom. Looks really good. The rainbow was a real nice fish for this tiny stream about 14.
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