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PA/NY Delaware Junction Pool - Fishing

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Lat: 41.939137
Lng: -75.279083

Marker owner: dnorris

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PA/NY Delaware Junction Pool
Marker Description: The Delaware Main Stem begins at Junction Pool, where the East Branch and West Branch of the Delaware River merge. Junction Pool is not as deep as it once was but it still has plenty of trout. The mixture line between East and West water is the most productive part of the pool - or at least that is what a guy told me who fishes it a lot. It is a beautiful spot but is much changed. My father said it used to be a churling deep hole and I remember it as a kid as being very deep as well and that my Uncle caught a big trout as well drifted through from the East Branch side. Even on Google Maps you don't see the rocky shoal in the center of the East Branch right before the merger. Well times change. It would be cool if people added photos from over the years to show how the pool has changed. I'll see if my Dad has any. The Junction is a photo opportunity.

At the junction Pool, there is private property on Pennsylvania side so you need to walk down the West Branch from the public boat ramp/parking area, a few hundred yards above the junction pool -see the marker placed on the map. From the New York side there is public access from a large parking lot off Bard Parker Road. So public access is not a problem just a bit of a trek from the Pensy side - but the trek is through some amazing runs and pools on the West Branch, really one of the great areas of the W. Branch running to the start of the Big B - so not too bad when you are going to the Junction Pool to fish.

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Re: PA Delaware Junction Pool Posted by dnorris Sun. September 02, 2012 01:33 pm
Fished the junction pool yesterday, walking down from the boat launch on the West Branch. The riffle at the head of the pool is very fast. I fished hard with various nymphs with nothing to show for it. I remember this pool as a kid when it was super deep and now the East Branch side has a stone island just as it meets the West Branch and what was once a pool is now more of a run. Time.
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