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PA Cedar Creek, Haines Mill - Fishing

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Lat: 40.584560
Lng: -75.530319

Marker owner: Brownie

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PA Cedar Creek, Haines Mill
Marker Description: Cedar Creek has a pretty good population of wild browns down to Muhlenburg Lake, but are they ever spooky.

Cedar has a section abour 100 yards long just down from Dorney Park at Haine's Mill where a local guy stocks (Really nice guy who loves the Creek and lives nearby) and feeds monster (by monster I mean up to 30") trout. You can fish for them since it is in a public park - but don't be a fish hog. They are sort of neighborhood pets, so while you can fish, you will get comments if you keep them. They are fished for a lot and aren't that easy to catch. However, just standing by a run with a couple dozen 24" to 30" trout is a trip. Some wild trout guys like to yank out a bunch since they are in a wild trout stream, but that can get you into a shouting match with the locals. It's in a city park, so it is hard to not get noticed.

Haines Mill is located on Cedar Creek at the western end of Cedar Creek Parkway East. The original mill was erected about 1760. The present mill was rebuilt in 1909 after a fire and operated until 1956. The Lehigh County Commissioners bought Haines Mill in 1972 for preservation as a working grist mill museum. Visitors can watch a water turbine and rolling equipment operated by water power supplied from a mill race in the same way as when it was a thriving commercial venture. The museum is administered by the Lehigh County Historical Society.

Visitor Comments

Re: PA Cedar Creek, Haines Mill Posted by dnorris Sat. January 07, 2012 07:52 pm
Fished this morning with my Dad, we got there around ten or so and saw many, caught none. I had a few follows downstream but no strikes. Met two other fishermen who caught a 15 inch trout early in the morning. Next we hit the Little Lehigh and had no luck there either. It was a beautiful warm winter day and the water was clear in both spots - just no action.
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Re: PA Cedar Creek, Haines Mill Posted by Brownie Mon. November 07, 2011 03:12 pm
The leaves have died down in Cedar Creek and I saw more big trout in this stretch than I have ever seen before. I caught only one five inch native brown trout on a pheasant tail flash back size 14. Had some follows with big fish but no strikes.
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Re: PA Cedar Creek, Haines Mill Posted by fawlty128 Sun. October 09, 2011 12:07 am
I was just out taking some photos and happened to come across David as he was pulling in this large trout. I've uploaded some shots. This is a nice quiet place to fish, I don't think I've ever seen more than 5 or 6 people fishing here at any given time.
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Re: PA Cedar Creek, Haines Mill Posted by dnorris Sat. October 08, 2011 08:20 pm
Fished this noon and landed a beautiful foot ball sized rainbow on my second cast. See my video here:


Just downstream from the bridge the huge trout were piled up, it was great to see. I spoke with Mr. Allen, the guy who stocks the fish and he said that many people gang hook the fish and get up in arms about him ruining a native fishery. He said Dorney Park releases chlorinated water park water and there is a fish kill every so often so his stocking isn't wrong. I personally like it - love it actually. There are still natives about and it is great to see the huge ones he stocks and feeds. Anyway, I didn't get another fish after the first one, they wanted nothing to do with my nymphs - the water was crystal clear as you can see in the video and my one pic.
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Re: PA Cedar Creek, Haines Mill Posted by dnorris Sat. September 24, 2011 06:36 pm
Tried for the lunker pet trout this morning. Thought the water would be clearer despite all the rain we had recently. Fished with a pellet imitation with no luck (See pic) then switched to various spinners and had a few good swipes and swirls from biggger fish in the 14 to 16 range. Didn't hook any. Had one fish break my line - I bought some new 2 lb test not Stren and the stuff is terrible - you can cast a mile but it just isn't strong enough. I also had a nice 14 inch brown on that took one too many leaps and spit my spinner. Once i switched to trout magnets I caught a handful of small browns and one little rainbow.

The stream is rather shallow and doesn't have too many good pools, there are some logs laid in the bed to create structure. I'm not sure if the storm filled some pools or if the stream is always like this. I guess I'll have to go back at least to watch the huge zoo trout that are claimed to be here.

Also the signage is quite clownish with "unapproved trout water" practice "catch and release" - so I caught a few unapproved trout - whatever that means.
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Re: PA Cedar Creek, Haines Mill Posted by Xray Thu. September 22, 2011 12:26 am
Dorney Park began as a fish hatchery in 1870. There are enormous trout that are feed by pellets by the current park goers. This area is above the pond inside the park and cannot be accessed by fishermen. It might make for a great bit of fun to try and sneak in during the winter months but I'm sure they have security. It does not appear that these fish make it over the dam and into the park section.

History: Cetronia entrepreneur Solomon Dorney wanted to raise trout along the Cedar Creek to attract local anglers and to sell to fish markets. His "Fish Weir and Summer Resort" originally featured eight trout ponds and several picnic groves. After adding a small zoo and some rides in 1884, Dorney renamed the grove "Dorney's Trout Ponds and Summer Resort," which is considered the official beginning of Dorney Park. The trout ponds continued for many years and fresh trout was a specialty at Dorney's Mansion House restaurant. Throughout the years, trout continued to thrive in the creek and became accustomed to being fed by park patrons.

Today, the massive fieldstone fountain built in one of the original trout ponds by Robert Plarr, who bought the park in 1923, still attracts patrons to feed trout.

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