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PA Broadhead Creek, Canyon - Fishing

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Lat: 40.999332
Lng: -75.147171

Marker owner: dnorris

Average user rating for this marker: 4

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PA Broadhead Creek, Canyon
Marker Description: Brodhead Creek at the canyon is quite a winner spot. The lower Brodhead sometimes called the gorge section or the canyon section is deep and difficult to wade. In the fall, there are big rainbows thought to come up from the Delaware River and there are big browns at all times.

All in all, it is hard to get back to this area, except via the railroad, so it is not heavily fished. Appears to be worth the trip. Will scout at some point and add some photos and a trip report.

Visitor Comments

Re: PA Broadhead Creek, Canyon Posted by Brownie Sat. October 24, 2015 11:25 pm
Caught one nice 13 inch rainbow missed 17 inch, had a few big fish follow.
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Re: PA Broadhead Creek, Canyon Posted by dnorris Sat. October 10, 2015 10:06 pm
Made it to the canyon/paper mill area under route 80. Came up from the bottom from Paper Mill Road. My Dad and I each caught one nice fish, 15 & 17, both were big finned holdovers, maybe up from the Delaware. There are five nice riffle runs leading to a deep monster hole behind the mill. Very good looking water.
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