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NY 18 Mile Creek, Fisherman's Park - Fishing

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Lat: 43.317360
Lng: -78.715332

Marker owner: dnorris

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Marker Description: Discounting the Niagara River, Eighteen Mile Creek is the county’s largest tributary to Lake Ontario, its watershed covers over half the county. The salmonid fishery is limited to one stretch that’s just over a mile in length from the small hydroelectric dam in the Town of Burt to the Lake.

Fisherman’s Park is signed off Rte 78 giving access to a quarter mile stretch by the dam. The stretch is the shallowest, fastest and easily the most productive.

In the fall, it is normal to see over one hundred and elbow-to-elbow fishing and many fishermen catch a few 20 or 30 pound salmon in a few hours of fishing as well as steelhead and brown trout. Despite the crowds, it is all anticipated and most fishermen are very friendly.

Strict regulations which are meant to limit foul hooking. The Park is heavily patrolled by DEC officers.

Every day of the year is a good day to fish 18 Mile at Fisherman's Park.

Visitor Comments

Re: NY 18 Mile Creek, Fisherman's Park Posted by kennypowers Mon. October 26, 2015 01:48 pm
Got together on Friday night and off to Olcott we went to the snag capital of the world. Burt Dam.

Got to the place around 4am and already there were 15 cars in line waiting for the parking lot to open. As always place was an absolute zoo but having come 3 cars strong we quickly got our spots and made sure no one was able to move in.

Fish was sluggish and not a lot of fighters were around even though it was still pretty fresh. Limited out within an hour and half and spend the rest of the morning just having fun and nursing back the fish that was being released while snagged. Browns did not want anything to do with us and did not see a single chrome caught. Managed to hook into nice 8lbs brown but got him by the dorsal fin so back into the water he went. Out of 8 people that went 7 limited out with the last one just not keeping any fish. Around 2pm we got and headed out to Pulaski.

Re: NY 18 Mile Creek, Fisherman's Park Posted by dnorris Sun. May 26, 2013 02:29 pm
Found this video, which is a winter Steelhead and Brown report from a two local fishermen, Bill and Mike's Angling Adventures, which prompted this marker.


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