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NJ N Branch Raritan River, AT&T - Fishing

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Lat: 40.666580
Lng: -74.643898

Marker owner: Brownie

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NJ N Branch Raritan River, AT&T
Marker Description: Trout stocked waters. Marker placed at dirt pull off parking area on Rte 206/202. The North Branch is a beautiful river and is heavily stocked under the AT&T Bridges. Holdovers are few and far between.

Visitor Comments

Re: North Branch Raritan AT&T Bridge Posted by Lardalmighty Fri. May 07, 2010 02:08 am
Location: North Branch Raritan River, Bedminster, NJ
Date: Thursday, May 6, 2010
Time: 6:30 AM to 2:00 PM
Weather: Cloudy turning to sunny, 70 F, light to moderate wind out of W
Water: Very slightly murky, visibility good
Target Species: Trout
Rod: Shakespeare Intrepid SP-848-1UUL
Reel: Mitchell Avocet S500UL
Line: Stren mono, 4 lb.
Lures: Mepps Aglia spinner, No. 1 gold; 2 1/2" Fin-S-Fish, shad color, Texas rigged on size 2 wide-gap worm hook

Called out from work with fishing fever and hit up the North Branch at the AT&T bridges. Caught two browns right off the bat on the spinner, then they shut down. Worked upstream a little bit and tagged a rainbow and a brookie on the spinner to complete the slam early. Went back to the bridges, and saw the browns stacked up by the second bridge. About a half dozen guys throwing at them with worms, live fatheads, power cheese, spinners, and plugs. No one catching. I tried the spinner, got a few slaps, but no hook ups. On a lark I tied on the Fin-S, and the trout went f-ing CRAZY! They were swirling and slashing at it on almost every cast. Caught over a dozen there, then moved up to the outflow pipe by the fairgrounds and found the browns stacked up there too. Caught several out of that hole next to two guys fishing bait who were, of course, not catching. After the sun came out for good, the fish were put down and the bite was off. Final tally: 23 trout up to 13", mostly browns with the one rainbow and one brookie, plus two little smallmouths. All fish released, except for four I gifted to a meat fisherman to help him fill out his limit.

Fishing with the Fin-S was maddening! I was getting fish to turn on it almost every cast, but rarely would they get the bait firmly in their mouths. And when they did, they would often spit it before I even felt the strike. If I had landed all the trout that hit the Fin-S, I would have easily, EASILY had a 100 fish day. No bull. But it's all good with the day I had. I know it may sound like bragging, but it's simply a fact that I was the only one catching those browns today. Needless to say, I feel pretty good about myself.
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Re: North Branch Raritan AT&T Bridge Posted by Lardalmighty Sat. October 31, 2009 09:20 pm
Location: North Branch Raritan River, Bedminster, NJ
Date: Saturday, October 10, 2009
Time: 6:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Weather: Intermittent drizzle, 65 F, moderate wind out of NW
Water: Crystal clear, visibility excellent
Target Species: Trout
Rod: Shakespeare Intrepid SP-848-1UUL
Reel: Mitchell Avocet S500UL
Line: Stren clear blue, 4 lb.
Lures: Mepps Aglia, No.1 gold; 3” Fin-S Fish, shad, on size 2 wide gap hook; white grub and brown with black flake grub, 1”, on 1/64 oz. unpainted jig head

Got a call from my cousin yesterday who said there were lots of trout under the bridges at the AT&T complex, so I headed down there this morning. Not as many trout as I was led to believe, but they were there. Water was low and crystal clear, and the trout could see every move I made. Fish were very spooky. About a dozen other fishermen were under the bridges during the course of the day, and I didn’t see anyone land a trout. Best fisherman there was a cormorant who snagged a fat sunfish. Saw a nice ~20 inch rainbow under the first bridge, and I worked him for the better part of an hour; no dice. Left the crowd behind and worked upstream.

Saw a few fish here and there, but they weren’t stacked up in one particular place like I’m sure they were a few days ago. Water was thick with leaves; the spinner would hook one every other cast. Saw a few nice fish in the pool by the soccer fields, and I worked them for a couple hours, but again they just did not want to bite. And just to insult me, they would eat a leaf once in a while. I managed only two tiny, TINY smallmouths on the Fin-S Fish from that pool. Worked back to my car with the spinner, but no takers.

There were not that many trout in the North Branch; they were far outnumbered by suckers. To anyone who was planning on fishing the North Branch from the AT&T bridges to about a mile upstream, you’re probably better off going someplace else at this point.
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Re: North Branch Raritan AT&T Bridges Posted by Brownie Fri. October 09, 2009 01:52 pm
Fished last night and there were around ten large breeders in each pool above and below the bridges - from fall stocking. Nothing doing with spinners. Some trout were surfacing.
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