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NJ Pohatcong Creek, Lower Creek Road - Fishing

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Lat: 40.628113
Lng: -75.175377

Marker owner: Brownie

Average user rating for this marker: 4

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NJ Pohatcong Creek, Lower Creek Road
Marker Description: Lopatcong Creek pull off area beneath NJF&G trout stocked water sign. Good hole directly in front of parking are and a very nice hole down along the bend right along a steep bank. Marker placed at parking pull off. This loaction is the last public area before the start of the Lopatcong Creek private fishing club that extends all the way downstream from to the Delaware River. That big bend hole holds some of the club's runners. Winner spot and not heavily fished in comparison to the bridges and pull offs upstream that are normally packed on stocking days.

Visitor Comments

Re: NJ Pohatcong Creek, Lower Creek Road Posted by dnorris Wed. April 10, 2013 12:43 am
At the pull-off there were five cars and everyone had limited out. Guys stayed till dark. Trout were still rising. The Pohat was stocked heavy today. I stopped in late and walked around with my dog. Went down to the bend pool and had no luck.

Re: NJ Pohatcong Creek, Lower Creek Road Posted by dnorris Sat. April 28, 2012 05:43 pm
Car at the pull off, walked down to bend hole and it was clear as gin and not as deep as I thought, nothing, probably cleaned out of stockies but I know there are holdovers/natives in there. Eh, it's all about timing.

Re: NJ Pohatcong Creek, Lower Creek Road Posted by dnorris Thu. April 26, 2012 12:10 am
Had to go back after the big rainbow I missed yesterday. I talked to a few guys in the lot and they had no luck - they didn't head downstream. Since there were so many people there, I figure that someone will come through and hit the bend hole soon enough. So I decided to bring my fly road and my spinning rod. So when I got close to the big bend hole I tied on a No. 4 Panther Martin yellow with red spots - the classic - and tossed it from the stone sand bar against the bank through the current line and the lure didn't make it far before a big yellow flash and it was on, I didn't get the best fight because I wasn't giving the fish any slack, not really playing her, I brought her along the stone sand bar and into the shallows, I was surprised the fish was a lot lighter than the fish I had on yesterday and when I brought her in it was a nice 18 inch stocker with fins that showed it, it had a good pink stripe and healthy looking - pretty fish. I thought maybe I had just seen the fish differently because the water was a lot murkier yesterday. Released the fish and thought about just going home with a one cast classic but I wanted to fly fish so I put the spinning rod away and walked down to get a good drift along the far bank and worked an olive bugger with black midge dropper size 20. First cast my indicator goes down hard and I have another big fish on - perhaps this was the fish from yesterday b/c it was big - took three times as long to get this one in compared to the stocker - this one was a coppery 18 inch rainbow - a true beaut of a fish - the dark black spots popped and the fish had big healthy fins, when I went to unhook the fish I saw a size 20 rusted hook in the fish's upper lip, (first time I've caught a fish with an old rusted hook in it, I unhooked that first, then my woolley, best two casts in a long while - didn't catch a thing after that - who cares.

Re: NJ Pohatcong Creek, Lower Creek Road Posted by dnorris Wed. April 25, 2012 12:13 am
Every bridge and pull off was jammed with cars and fishermen so I drove down to this location to find some open water. There was only one other car here. Seemed that no net was dropped here, but I caught a little ugly rainbow and moved down to the deep hole at the bend, hooked a big rainbow breeder and it was a holdover based on the color, gave a great run, brought it to my feet and it made another run and spit, hit a green bead head size 14. no other action, tried dries & midges and big wooly buggers no luck except for a trout trying to hit my strike indicator.

Re: NJ Pohatcong Creek, Lower Creek Road Posted by Brownie Sun. January 29, 2012 10:36 pm
Water was a bit too murky for my liking. Fished a short while and had no action.
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