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NJ Passaic River Horseneck Road - Fishing

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Lat: 40.882717
Lng: -74.340622

Marker owner: dnorris

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Marker Description: Horseneck Road is a good access point to the Passaic River and the sick pike fishery. There are some good large mouth bass and small bass as well as enormous carp in this section of the river too. Of course, you got your catfish and whatnot as well. But, it's the pike that most people are after and they are here in size and numbers. Fishing by kayak is the choice for many and wading is okay when the river is low if you don't mind that Passaic smell following you home and lingering in your car. This is one of the best Passaic River access points for pike fishing.

Word is that white spinnerbaits are killer as well as buzzbaits and anything big. If you're going out for the first time use 6lb test or higher, even stronger leader and carry needle nose pliers and lip grippers to properly release these beauts.

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