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NJ General NJ Fishing Discussion - Fishing

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NJ General NJ Fishing Discussion
Marker Description: General New Jersey fishing discussion board and postings of NJDF&G News.

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Re: NJ General NJ Fishing Discussion Posted by dnorris Sat. September 06, 2014 02:52 am
Eight inch rainbows to be stocked in the lower Musconetcong, if you keep an eight inch stocker you're a clown; maybe we'll have some good winter fishing on little guys in the new TU boulder paradise area.
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Re: NJ General NJ Fishing Discussion Posted by Brownie Sun. April 20, 2014 04:19 am
Check out Rusty Asswipe's post on North Eastern Fly Fishing - no one could have known that the fish could have been infected by birds - nets would have made no difference, who died and made you God - nets would have made a difference. Asswipe.

Re: NJ General NJ Fishing Discussion Posted by Brownie Thu. April 17, 2014 03:53 am
Classic, you should see the posts on the other kiss the gov't sites, they all want to thank the DEP for their excellent work this year during these troubling times in the kingdom. I mean it is all good to praise the Division for not stockign diseased fish but what about protecting the fish so they don't get diseased in the first place. How hard is it to put up a net. It very well could be that the infection could not be helped but I believe the hatchery crew made no effort to stop the eagles and ospreys. They were letting some clownish things go down there. I just looked back at the Pequest Outflow posts and saw a Sept 2012 mention of ospreys hopping the fence to have their fill of raceway trout. Maybe why Dave reposted the cartoon - it was his post.

Re: NJ General NJ Fishing Discussion Posted by dnorris Thu. April 17, 2014 03:30 am

On second thought, I reposted your cartoon.

These waterbodies will receive no additional stockings for 2014:

Amwell Lake
Assunpink Creek
Barbour's Pond
Birch Grove Park Pond
Branch Brook Park Lake
Burnham Park Pond
Cohansey River
Colonial Lake
Crystal Lake
D&R Canal
D&R Feeder Canal
Dahnert's Lake
Diamond Mill Pond
Englishtown Mill Pond
Franklin Lake
Garvey's Pond
Gloucester City Pond
Green Brook
Greenwich Lake
Hackensack River
Hackensack River (below Oradel Dam)
Haddon Lake
Harrisonville Lake
Heritage Park Pond
Holmdel Park Pond
Indian Lake
Ireland Brook
Lake Papaianni
Laurel Pond
Lawrence Brook
Lower Echo Park Pond
Manalapan Lake
Mary Elmer Lake
Middle Brook
Mill Pond
Milton Lake
Mohawk Pond
Mt. Hope Pond
Neldon Brook
Oldham Pond
Pascack Creek
Passaic River - (below Great Falls in Paterson)
Pohatcong Lake
Pompton River
Ponderlodge Pond
Prospertown Lake
Rahway River
Rahway River W/B
Raritan River
Raritan River - (below Duke Island Park)
Rock Brook
Roosevelt Park Pond
Rosedale Lake
Seeley's Pond
Spring Lake
Stony Brook
Swedesboro Lake
Sylvan Lake
Tienakill Creek
Topenemus Lake
Tuckahoe Lake
Verona Park Lake
Woodcliff Lake
Yellow Brook

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Re: NJ General NJ Fishing Discussion Posted by Xray Thu. April 17, 2014 03:27 am
I added a nice political cartoon. Ha.

Re: NJ General NJ Fishing Discussion Posted by Xray Thu. April 17, 2014 03:15 am
Last year I was walking around the Pequest Hatchery with my girlfriend and my dog. We ran into a bunch of bird watchers glassing to see the ospreys and eagles taking trout out of the ponds and jumping under a fence to take trout out of the raceways. I remember thinking that it was so stupid to allow this to happen with no attempts to stop the fish we all pay for from becoming bird food. Apparently, it was a lot more stupid than I knew at the time. A few of these State workers should be biologists and should have known this was a potential problem. Just like a snow storm that releases all the pheasants from the State pens because they were to lazy to knock the snow off the nets for one night. Just plain lazy, not my job, not my pheasants, not my trout.

Re: NJ General New Jersey Fishing Discussion Board Posted by dnorris Thu. April 17, 2014 03:04 am
Another 90k trout to the Warren County dump. See the link for new reduced stocking schedule:

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