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NJ Lopatcong Creek, Sewer Treatment Hobo Pool - Fishing

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Lat: 40.680248
Lng: -75.176750

Marker owner: Xray

Average user rating for this marker: 4.5

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NJ Lopatcong Creek, Sewer Treatment Hobo Pool
Marker Description: The lower section of the Lopatcong Creek has some nice deep holes. One just above the sewer treatment outflow is hand made by some hobos that camp out there in the warmer months. There is also a super deep hole below the sewer treatment outflow that is created by a second story storm sewer overflow. A few weeks after opening day a lot of the stockers stack up in these deep holes. Sometimes the stench is a bit much but otherwise beautiful water.

Marker placed where you can park behind the used car lot.

Visitor Comments

Re: NJ Lopatcong Creek, Sewer Treatment Hobo Pool Posted by Brownie Wed. November 19, 2014 02:26 am
Easton Express News published that P-burg has completed work to move the sewer outflow directly to the Delaware. That means the last 150 yards of the Lopat will now be free of feces. Very nice, you'll still have that smell but the water will be clean.

Re: NJ Lopatcong Creek, Sewer Treatment Hobo Pool Posted by dnorris Wed. November 06, 2013 04:32 pm
Well Hobo pool is now gone, see new pic, the large circle cut out pool below is now better than ever though (not in pic a few yards downstream).
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Re: NJ Lopatcong Creek, Sewer Treatment Hobo Pool Posted by dnorris Sat. June 29, 2013 12:36 am
The demolished the Lower Lopatcong. It was needed to shore up the steep embankment but it is sad none the less. Now it is a drainage ditch. But in time, it will be back to pool riffle pool. See pic today. Trees gone, vegetation gone, eh...
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Re: NJ Lopatcong Creek, Sewer Treatment Hobo Pool Posted by kennypowers Sun. June 09, 2013 02:07 am
Fished today as the chocolate milk began to clear. Fly fished with a small green bead, size 18 and a Prince dropper. Worked hobo pool and down past the sewer treatment outflow. Nothing.

Went back to the car and got my spinning gear and worked a rainbow trout magnet. See the photograph for the pool and water color. Second cast I hooked into a monster that came out of the brown and into the light. Wow. I thought it might be a stiper at first. I was like Old Man and the Sea saying just let me get a better look at him so I know what I dealing with. He came into the light again and I could see it was brown trout and big, he adipose fin was as red as blood and he had a silvery side with strong yellow underneath. I though he's going to break me off, it wasn't a huge long fight and he gave no leaps and I got him in the sandy shallows and I kneeled down but didn't take him out of the water. Twenty inches, huge fins, perfect, before I could get my camera to turn on I noticed my magnet rapala was floating and I didn't want to grab him with my hands and in a flash he was gone. What a fish, one I would have loved to get a photo of... Ha, biggest trout I've ever seen in the Lopat. Sick.

Probably ran up from the Delaware, awesome fish, beautiful red dots, silvery yet deep yellow, ahh. See the pic of the water and hole, gotta love that after the rain Lopat fishing.
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Re: NJ Lopatcong Creek, Sewer Treatment Hobo Pool Posted by Xray Mon. April 29, 2013 10:24 pm
Caught one nice rainbow with well formed fins, could have been a holdover, see pic, I had two other strikes, all on a green hackle bead size 14. I thought the rain would have muddied up the water more than it had. I only had a half an hour before I had to meet a friend. I caught the fish and had the strikes in hobo pool and took a few casts in the deep hole under the walking bridge with surprisingly, no action.
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