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NJ Delaware River Frost Hollow - Fishing

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Lat: 40.725471
Lng: -75.185623

Marker owner: dnorris

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NJ Delaware River Frost Hollow
Marker Description: The Delaware at Frost Hollow Creek is the first main riffle water up from Phillipsburg. It is a little tricky to get a boat through this area. On Google Maps the aerials must have been taken at high water levels b/c you can't see the rock shelf. There is a shelf, riffle and deep bubbly run that tails into some real deep water with a rock swing. Good spot.

Visitor Comments

Re: NJ Delaware River Frost Hollow Posted by dnorris Thu. June 12, 2014 12:32 am
Fished today on my new to me jet boat with my wife. I caught three little small mouths and a 14 inch striper on a brown trout rapala. My wife caught a 20 inch shad on a panther martin.

We also made it up to the big bar on the PA side. There was a bit of excitement trying to navigate the riffle sections in a few parts. It is true what they say at the boat course that it is much more difficult to see where the rocks are when going down river. I bumped one rock on the way back down at a low speed, didn't want to get up on plane b/c I was unsure what was ahead. Should have gunned it. Ha.

Saw a few nice small mouths to 16 as we floated down and a few nice stripers to 20 or so as well. First time I've seen a lot of fish since taking out the boat this year, with it being overcast today, it made all the difference.

Check out the shad pics.
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