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NJ Bear Creek CR 519 - Fishing

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Lat: 40.960068
Lng: -74.879295

Marker owner: dnorris

Average user rating for this marker: 2

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NJ Bear Creek CR 519
Marker Description: Bear Creek at County Road 519 is a designated wild trout stream. This stream has little native brook trout darting about but the stream is a mud bottom job where you create a mud plume by walking in the water and when walking along banks you must slog through water and swamp along the banks. Very tiring to access and a few homes along the banks and the fish per pocket is not out of control high. Not really a winner, very small, mucky and good many only because we're talking native brook trout with no brown or rainbow infestation.

Gotta love the brookies but otherwise very difficult access. Perhaps this could be a lot better in June or July when more of the swampy and waterlogged banks dry out a bit. If you don't mind a mud bottom and want the native brook trout it's got them.

Visitor Comments

Re: NJ Bear Creek CR 519 Posted by dnorris Sat. May 21, 2011 07:39 pm
Tried to check out this area after fishing the Bear Creek at Shades of Death Road but I had no luck here. The creek was clear but the bottom was very muddy and when I stepped in the water I created a plume of brown, tried walking along the edge and it was a swampy mess. First time I have seen the wild trout stream sign by the NJDEP which looks old and vintage classic - also says the designation doesn't change the fact you can't trespass - funny - we really need a NJ stream access law - sign should say this is a wild trout stream and you have access under the public trust doctrine, whatever. With the houses, felt like a criminal and thought someone would walk out there back yard and give me the burglar eye.
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