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NJ Musconetcong River, Gorge - Fishing

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Lat: 40.631550
Lng: -75.133797

Marker owner: dnorris

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NJ Musconetcong River, Gorge
Marker Description: Musconetcong Gorge is above FiberMark in a wooded stretch extending up to the next dam upstream. This stretch is not stocked and trout are hard to find but once you go above FiberMark's factory area, it is a boulder laden old growth gnome home stretch, perhaps the most scenic part on the Muscie - worth the hike. If you park at FiberMark you need to ask permission as it is private property.

The security Betty and Dave are kind and will allow you to park and walk up after signing in at the white trailer on the premises; you can call ahead to make certain you can gain access by calling (609) 954-6168.

Marker placement at the trailer.

There is a road that follows the eastern side of the Musconetcong so you can walk up to the dam or wade all the way up and take the road back.

Visitor Comments

Re: NJ Musconetcong River, Gorge Posted by Brownie Wed. August 27, 2014 09:42 am
Gorge will be public in three to five years and the dam will be coming down at the top and below, should cool things off, this gorge will be fully public and in my opinion nicer than Ken Lockwood Gorge. Awesome. Check out the video explaining the plan:


Re: NJ Musconetcong River, Gorge Posted by dnorris Sun. August 19, 2012 03:39 pm
Hiked in from the lower Musconetcong Gorge Trial and crossed over to the river from the dam. You can cross over to the stone road from the lower trail where they are only a few feet apart and then cross over the metal bridge at the dam.

The water was really pouring over the dam for August. The hole beneath the dam has always felt like there must be a few monster trout in it but I had no luck. I fished down in some of the truly gorgeous holes after the stretch of shallow water after the dam. I managed one rainbow about 13 inches that was a recent stockie on a PT no bead.

I was reminded just how annoyingly difficult it can be to fish this stretch - hiking in, fighting through overgrowth and down the steep drop from the Fiber Mark Road. This time I didn't want to deal with going through the sign up with the trailer. I always have hope of catching one of the monster holdovers that I have seen when wading the stretch. I would have gone to a place with more trout per mile today but I wanted a good walking area for my dog, so this was more of a hike than a fishing trip - which it always seem to be anyway. Also the rocks in this area of the musky are always slippery and wading can be a bitch. Regardless, it was beautiful as the gorge is but... again I was beaten by the allure of the Musky Gorge and reminded again of trouble in getting there and back out again.
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Re: NJ Musconetcong River, Gorge Posted by dnorris Sat. August 06, 2011 04:27 pm
Fished today with pink bead head and caught a nice brown about 16 inches, big fins and nice color; the fish fought well, no jumps though. I only fished for about an hour just wanted to get out. Walked up the road after signing in and cut in to the river about half of the way up to the dam and fished the pool with the huge boulder at the head. Was fishing in the middle of a hot day so I was surprised to hook into such a good fish.
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Re: Musconetcong Gorge - FiberMark Posted by dnorris Sun. September 19, 2010 10:37 am
My friend hit the Muscie Gorge yesterday and caught three trout - two were natives. So that is the first confirmed catch of natives in this stretch. My friend refused to post saying that too many people would find out about this gem. Well, it is already on the site and that is what this site is about - sharing locations... so....

He signed in at the white trailer and said the security guard John was very cool and drove him up to the dam and gave him the lay of land. So the generosity of FiberMark continues and John is the gatekeeper and a kind person.
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Re: Musconetcong Gorge - FiberMark Posted by dnorris Mon. May 31, 2010 07:46 pm
Fished the Musconetcong Gorge today. I made the mistake of walking in from the NJDF&G Hunting lot just up the road. I didn't want to bother signing in at the trailer. So I hiked through a small wild strawberry patch, ate a few, and walked up the young corn field. Then I headed up the ridge and saw a number of portable tree stands left in the woods. That is odd given my stand was stolen on public land last year. Good for people at this location - non thieves. The woods was not too thick but when I got the the top of the ridge and could hear the river I headed down the steep scramble to the river. I slipped and fell twice and was exhausted when I got down. It was very steep and I don't recommend it. I was so tired my legs were shaking a bit and I had no energy to wade. The river rocks were slippery and I didn't have the legs for it.

The gorge looked great and the water looked like it should be teaming with fish. While wading I scared two large trout. I didn't get any follows or strike behind boulders and nice deep holes.

Finally approaching the dam I had a strike and the fish rolled on the surface. Looked to be a 12 or so inch trout. When I made it up to the dam I was surprised by the power of the flow of water and how deep the hole was. I caught one brookie and was surprised it was a stockie maybe it washed over the dam. The dam likley holds some big trout.

I thought I would have had more luck but I was worried about how I was going to get back. Luckily, I found a road on the eastern side of the Muscie that took me all the way back to the Fibermark plant and I walked the rest of the way back along the road.

I will definitely go back with slip resist shoes in the early morning for some of those big trout I saw. It is majestic back there. But I will sign in and walk in on the road next time.

2010 DLN 144 trout
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Re: Musconetcong - FiberMark Posted by dnorris Mon. August 24, 2009 12:35 am
I don't have photos of the true gorge upstream from FiberMark - it is really just as nice as Ken Locke Wood Gorge on the South Branch of the Raritan, it is just not stocked and bound by two dams. Looks beautiful but not many fish. I like to toss stockies from below the next dam over the top, in the hope that they will swim up. I've heard there are natives in this stretch, just never caught one.
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