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MT Blodgett Creek - Fishing

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Lat: 46.257732
Lng: -114.454750

Marker owner: dnorris

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Marker Description: Blodgett Creek is one of the most scenic tributaries in the Bitterroot Basin.

The creek begins in the Bitterroot Mountains and flows eastwhere it joins the Bitterroot River near Hamilton. In the lower it has low flows in summer, but upstream in the national forest there is excellent fishing water for cutthroat and brook trout, and the occasional rainbow or brown trout.

Blodgett Creek fish has many logjams and boulders, and the riffle to pool water is excellent for dry flies. Casting room is tight for the first mile or so because of brush and trees; upstream, the water opens into longer pools making it easier to cast.

Public access begins at the Blodgett Creek Campground and trail head.

DIRECTIONS: From the town of Hamilton, turn west onto West Main Street. After leaving downtown, turn north onto Ricketts Road, and then west on Blodgett Camp Road and follow the signs. The trail follows the creek for about four miles until a bridge crosses the creek, offering some great views of the canyon. From there, it is approximately 8.5 miles to the Lake - source.

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