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MO Roubidoux Creek, Rte 17 - Fishing

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Lat: 37.839863
Lng: -92.195572

Marker owner: dnorris

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Marker Description: The Roubidoux Creek has rainbows and small mouth bass. The Roubidoux is an odd creek in that the white ribbon section upstream is overstocked and very heavily pressured but the red ribbon section downstream is underrated and gets very little pressure. It is a terrific little trout stream.

Roubidoux Creek is a scenic tributary to the Gasconade River in south central Missouri named after French explorer Joseph Robidoux. It is 57.4 miles (92.4 km) long.[1] Due to its colder water temperatures, it is listed as a trout stream. Roubidoux Spring is a landmark that is nestled three and a half miles south of the confluence of the creek and the Gasconade. The creek cuts north through Fort Leonard Wood before crossing underneath Interstate 44 and into the city limits of Waynesville.

The Roubidoux joins the Gasconade River just north of Waynesville, and the confluence can be seen from Missouri Route 17, along with some spectacular bluffs which are common on the Gasconade River. Trout can be caught in the Gasconade a short distance downstream from the Roubidoux. The water warms quickly in the Gasconade, and the trout don't venture far.

The mouth of the creek is located at coordinates 37.8512°N 92.2125°W. It crosses under I-44 at 37.8175°N 92.1932°W.

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