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NJ Lopatcong Creek, Lock Street - Fishing

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Lat: 40.681629
Lng: -75.162460

Marker owner: dnorris

Average user rating for this marker: 4

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NJ Lopatcong Creek, Lock Street
Marker Description: Lopatcong Creek - home to native brown trout, also stocking in this area. Some nice pools in this area - above this area the creek curves out into a meadow and away form the road. Good stretch.

Visitor Comments

Re: Lopatcong Creek Small Dam Posted by dnorris Sat. May 14, 2011 01:42 pm
Caught two very small native browns and there were countless others darting about. I had always thought that only the lower portion of the Lopatcong Creek was so full of natives. Can't believe I had not seen this before. Looks like the whole stream could be an amazing walk when the water is a bit stained. These trout can see you coming and are wary.

This stretch is a bit shallow, any pocket holds trout some six to eight many 1-6.
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Re: Lopatcong Creek Small Dam Posted by dnorris Sat. April 10, 2010 03:39 pm
Attached photos.
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