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NY Saint Lawrence River, Guido - Fishing

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Lat: 44.304138
Lng: -76.181358

Marker owner: GuidoMuskie

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Marker Description: The Saint Lawrence River is a great river for small mouth bass, walleye, northern pike and muskies. This marker is placed at Guido's Cove where Guido "Joe" Rotatori had a 10 foot long muskie on in the 1960's. The fish was brought to the surface but not boated due to its size. It eventually wrapped itself around the anchor and broke free.

Visitor Comments

Re: Guido's Cove Saint Lawrence River Posted by GuidoMuskie Sat. January 30, 2010 11:28 pm
In May of 1969, Albert an I sat in this cove for about an hour, maybe more, we hadn't had a bite for all that time we were there, so we decided to pull anchor and go back to the dock. We were using live minnows. When I started to pull up my line I thought I was stuck but it was moving so I thought it was a log or something but when I got it up pretty close to the surface I saw this really big head and I was hollerin to Al to get the gaffe, he took one look at it and he said he didn't want the damn thing in the boat, then it wrapped around the anchor and it broke the line. When we got back to the dock no one believed me, I sure wanted a picture of it. That fish was so big it would have sunk the boat.

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