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CHN Delger-Muron River - Fishing

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Lat: 48.818790
Lng: 107.415047

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Marker Description: The Delger-Muron River winds through larch forests and beneath granite canyons in the mountainous taiga of north-central Mongolia. The Delger-Muron is a big river with its' banks scarcely populated at all. Only seven semi-nomadic families, herders of yaks and other livestock, live in an 80-km stretch of river valley between the Russian border and the tiny Mongolian village of Bayanzurkh.

It is dry fly heaven for lenok and grayling AND the mighty toothed lunker taimen. A taimen three foot long is not uncommon and monster taimen are known to attack ducks and swimming rodents. Flies tied to impersonate swimming rodents that look like little beanie babies catch fish.

To reach the Delger-Muron, make your way to Moron, Mongolia and get a local to take you and your kayak or canoe across the steppe to the river. I'm still trying to find the GPS location for the river (so this locale might not even be the famed Delger-Muron***) but from what I've researched you just need to fly into Moron with your gear and get a local to drive you to the river in exchange for booze. Try sign language and have a translation book. F' the guides - U guide, my brother. That is what makes it an adventure.

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