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CA Kern River Riverside Park - Fishing

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Lat: 35.753368
Lng: -118.423904

Marker owner: dnorris

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CA Kern River Riverside Park
Marker Description: Kern River at Riverside Park is a major stocky dump location. Local reports are that the hatchery doesn't have nearly as many fish to stock because CA DF&G has cut back. Certainly was easy to bring a trout to hand a few days before Memorial Day in 2015. The water was crystal clear and has a solid flow even in this drought year. The boulders all along the Kern River make it a beautiful place to fish. In the park, the sun bathers and picnic crowd have made some eddies from rocks for little kids to wade and play. Easy access with plenty of parking. The town is cute with a good coffee spot and breakfast spot in the center of town. The gas station on the corner sells all manner of fishing supplies and whatnot for the river - tubing, ect.

Visitor Comments

Re: CA Kern River RIverside Park Posted by dnorris Wed. June 03, 2015 11:35 pm
My niece caught a native chub of some type on a trout magnet. My nephews caught a nice sized trout with good fins - probably a stocker - no pic of he trout though.
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