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CA Kern River Hatchery - Fishing

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Lat: 35.768864
Lng: -118.429726

Marker owner: dnorris

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CA Kern River Hatchery
Marker Description: Nice spot to take kids to look at stacked trout. A bit sad to see fish so stacked, makes you wonder how much longer this process will last with the changing ideas of stocking trout - the Kern should be able to hold wild fish - is this even necessary. The water flow out of the hatchery before it flows under a berm has a lot of nice trout of good size in it but there is a no fishing sign. A local in town said they used to let you fish this section a few years back. We tried below the berm and saw a few small trout but had no luck. Ha.

Visitor Comments

Re: CA Kern River Hatchery Posted by dnorris Wed. June 03, 2015 11:43 pm
Saw a lot o stacked trout. Workers were nice, free to walk around at your leisure, small site, crows coming right in to take and eat fish, good way to contract furniculous (sp) like we have in Jersey - keep the birds out - yo!
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