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PA Bushkill Creek, 13th Street - Fishing

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Lat: 40.696465
Lng: -75.228554

Marker owner: dnorris

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PA Bushkill Creek, 13th Street
Marker Description: Bushkill Creek at the 13th Street bridge is normal regulations and a trout stocking area but just upstream is the start of catch and release trout section - no bait - lure and fly only with barbless hooks. Just up from the bridge there is a very deep pool along a cement law where the river makes a sharp left turn, then the stream heads up to a pedestrian bridge leading to the Iron Oxide factory. From the free bridge to the dam there is some good fast water with large boulders.

Visitor Comments

Re: PA Bushkill Creek, 13th Street Posted by Xray Sat. August 20, 2011 01:34 am
Decided to head to 13th Street to walk up to Spring Run Brook to try the lower stretch seeing how the stretch above the oxide factory is stacked with trout. I parked at the Special Reg sign and walked upstream along the path and then balance beamed along the cement wall, some of the tree and briar growth made it difficult and I thought I might take the ten foot fall at one point but I bush wacked through it to the hole where the Spring Run Brook comes in at the big turn hole. That hole is a real beaut, probably 10 or 15 feet deep and a good run along the wall. Very early on I had a nice strike on a yellow beadhead and saw the fish follow to the surface - only about a 12 inch fish.

I had no other action, so I proceeded up the Spring Run Brook and was surprised that I wasn't scaring fish out from under the banks and fallen trees. Didn't see a fish and the tunnels start very close to the Bushkill. I didn't push under the tunnels b/c of huge logs and I wasn't having any luck - going under the factory creeps me out for some reason - I've tried from the topside. Maybe the lower stretch gets fishing pressure but I doubt it. The upper stretch is so full of trout, I just chalk my failure up to bad timing.

Walked back down the Spring Run Brook under the huge pipes through the industrial wonderland and back to the Bushkill. Then I waded up the Bushkill and was surprised by the strength of the river in August and nearly took a few spills and once almost stepped in over my chest waders. Made it up the large boulder area jsut below the dam and fished hard. Didn't see a fish. Good water less action than I'd hoped. No action is no action. No fish.

Re: Bushkill 13th Street Bridge Posted by Brownie Thu. April 07, 2011 11:45 pm
Fished today with my buddy Steve and we caught one nice rainbow about 12 inches on a No. 2 Mepps Spinner and had a huge sucker on that got off. We fished trout magnets and an assortment of spinners below the bridge in the regular reg section and up in the special artificials only section.

No one else was up in the special reg section we only made it up to the junction with Spring Run Brook.
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Re: Buskill Star Catch & Release Posted by dnorris Tue. April 06, 2010 01:29 am
My Dad and I each caught two trout, all rainbows. Three were caught under the bridge in the regular regulation section and one at the deep curve along the cement wall. (30 trout DLN 2010).

All trout were rainbows and caught on spinners and phoebe. I missed a nice trout behind a boulder in the fast water. Broke the surface and looked to be about 16 inches, nice fish maybe a holdover. All other fish were small stockies.

Also a guy fishing with bread in the no kill no bait zone, off the wall, gotta love it. He says he does well all summer catching trout because the trout like the deep cold pool - it's like 10 feet deep and you can jump off the wall for a swim.

Also see the pipe walk over the stream coming in for other fun.
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