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PA Bushkill Creek, Stone Wall - Fishing

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Lat: 40.692223
Lng: -75.215836

Marker owner: dnorris

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PA Bushkill Creek, Stone Wall
Marker Description: On this section of the Bushkill Creek, there is a high stone wall creating a deep cut along the wall and a good fast stretch slowly creating a long deep pool. This is the pool after the sharp left turn pool. It runs from the double full split by some large rocks and runs all the way down to the old red mill or barn. It starts fast and then slows and runs deep.

This pool holds a lot of trout.

Visitor Comments

Re: PA Bushkill Creek, Stone Wall Posted by LopatNympher Thu. November 24, 2011 04:30 am
Saw some huge browns nesting earlier this month. I saw the females laying eggs and watched as several males fertilized them. pretty awesome stuff

Re: PA Bushkill Creek, Stone Wall Posted by Brownie Sun. November 06, 2011 12:14 am
There is a big half submerged tree strewn through the length of the entire corner hole. I was fishing from the northern bank and having difficulty getting a good drift due to the tree. I had thrown spinners below and caught one nub finned rainbow fall stocker that gave a great fight for 13 inches. At the corner pool, I switched to an olive woolley bugger and a dropper pheasant tail flash back size 14. After four or five casts I caught a small native brown on the pheasant tail. Then I caught three more all in the four to seven inch range. Now, I am finally sold that there are native and good numbers of them in the Lower Bushkill. The greenish spring fed water is quality trout water. I had always thought that it is really just hold over water.
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Re: Bushkill Stone Wall Posted by dnorris Sun. April 03, 2011 04:00 pm
Fished again today, the day after opening day, and I did not get a strike on trout magnets or spinners and did not see anyone else with a fish - the water temp is still very low - should make for a great next few weeks in this stretch as many fish have yet to be caught. When the water warms up some lucky fisherman is going to have a field day.
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Re: Bushkill Stone Wall Posted by dnorris Sat. April 02, 2011 08:50 pm
Fished Opening Day, four fisherman only two trout in the section on lures.
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Re: Bushkill Stone Wall Posted by Xray Tue. June 22, 2010 11:25 pm
Fished this evening because it was raining and I thought I might have some luck fishing lures. Surprisingly, there were a number of other fishermen standing about in the rain with the same idea. Each had a few trout on their stringers. I caught one nice rainbow midway down the wall. Nice big fins and released with no harm.
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Re: Bushkill Stone Wall Posted by rannorris Tue. June 22, 2010 08:22 pm
Downstream to bridge thick with rainbows and browns. Fished June 21.
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Re: Bushkill Stone Wall Posted by dnorris Tue. June 22, 2010 12:36 am
Fished Father's Day with my Dad and we each caught one trout. Mine was a small fin mangled brownie and my Dad caught a real nice rainbow with beaut colors and huge fins on a Daredevil of all lures. Nice fight, nice fish. We saw a whole f' load of trout in the water.

I saw at least twenty at the deep bend. There is a nice turn in the river and then a deep hole where the Easton sewer pours in in the corner. In the stagnant sewer hole they were laying in thick. That is where I caught my trout amidst the faint smell of human feces. Ahhh, city troutin'.

I talked to an older guy who said he has caught some true lunkers out of the corner spot this year including a 29 inch brookie. He said there are some real huge trout about.
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Re: Bushkill Stone Wall Posted by dnorris Sun. May 09, 2010 02:36 pm
Finally made it back to the stone wall section this morning. It was very cold and the Bushkill River was slightly murky with that greenish tint that it tends to have and rather high. I had high hopes because me Dad caught three trout in this section a few days ago including one native.

On my first cast I had a large trout strike, but otherwise nothing, caught nothing.
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Re: Bushkill Stone Wall Posted by dnorris Sun. April 04, 2010 11:55 pm
Fished this morning from the dam below all the way to the dam above. This was the only stretch where I had any luck, caught 11 rainbows and one brown. No size, many caught on Mepps and Panther Martins. (2010 DLN 28 trout).

From the stone wall below the small falls down to the red barn; the stockies were thick.
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