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NJ Beaver Brook, Lake Just it Rd - Fishing

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Lat: 40.890633
Lng: -74.976776

Marker owner: dnorris

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NJ Beaver Brook, Lake Just it Rd
Marker Description: Beaver Brook on Lake Just it Road - trout stocked - there is a gravel parking spot for one car right near the bridge - walk straight back and find some excellent holes - then it gets thick and the brush drapes over the stream - lots of hold overs if you can get to them in the draped over stretch. Good spot.

Visitor Comments

Re: Beaver Brook - Lake Just it Road Posted by dnorris Fri. May 14, 2010 06:54 pm
Fished yesterday at dusk, the water was a bit murky but clear enough. I caught a large mouth bass about 10 inches, a small sunfish and one rainbow trout. I walked up the the deep bend hole a hundred yards or so up from the bridge and it has changed because the entire stretch seems to have slowed down considerably. The bend hole had a drop off and now it seems to be just a slow continuation of a long pool. Above the bend hole there is significant brush but I'm sure the fish are not holding here and are moving up. probably great back there I just didn't have the time to trek.
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Re: Beaver Brook - Lake Just it Road Posted by dnorris Thu. August 27, 2009 01:12 am
Photo from the bridge looking upstream. I fished today in the heat of the midday sun and caught nothing.
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